Party Strategy

Kamilla the Decayed sits in the middle of the cave. She is alone in this lair, so only one tank is needed. She has three different abilities. The first is a direct attack spell, Putrid Death, which does Spirit damage. The tank needs to be taking these hits. This is a direct damage (DD) attack, which means you want your tank to have sufficient aggro to have all the hits taken on him.

The second is called grasping Bones; it roots the target for a short time, but it breaks with damage. This ability by itself is seemingly harmless. However this ability in combination with Life Leech can pose a problem. If you’re a melee character and low on health, then you need to disengage and move out of the range of Life Leech until a healer can splash a heal on you. If you’re low on health, you won’t be able to move out of range of Life Leech if you’re rooted to the ground. So plan for it and move accordingly.

The last ability, Life Leech, requires a bit of strategy. It puts a damage-over-time effect on all players in range, which damages them over 15 seconds and heals her. To mitigate this, ranged people need to stand at max range, and as soon as she begins casting, all melee characters, except for the tank, need to run out of range to the other party members to avoid the damage over time. once she has cast it, move back in and begin DPS again. Kamilla is immune to all disabling effects such as stun, silence, and snare, so it will be a challenging fight.

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