Boss Rank: 40

Races: High Elf & Dark Elf
Location: Caledor, southwest of Shrine of Conqueror (33628, 25934)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Festitt
Boss Abilities: Life Loss (DoT Curse, 300 dmg every 2 sec, 10 sec duration); Vermintide (DoT, 100 dmg every2 sec, 15 sec duration); Deafening Roar (PBAoE, Physical with AP drain)
Lair Recommendations: Secondary healer to use HoTs to counteract Festitt’s DoTs.

Party Strategy

Festitt’s normal melee attack does approximately 1,200 damage to cloth. The fight will be a standard tank and DPS fight, and as long as your main tank stays alive and your DPS or heal careers do not pull aggro, it won’t be too tough.

Festitt uses two abilities periodically throughout the fight. The first ability, Life Loss, is a curse that deals 300 damage every two seconds for 10 seconds. This ability in combination with Vermintide can be troublesome. HoTs on the tank are absolutely critical to mitigate this DoT damage

The second ability is Vermintide, which is a 15-second damage over time (DoT) attack that deals approximately 100 damage every two seconds. Avoid getting aggro so you avoid getting DoTed. If you get low on health, either call for a heal or pop a potion. Fight from max range to avoid ever getting hit at all. Either ability can be slightly resisted/ mitigated with the correct resistances.

Watch out for Festitt’s Deafening Roar, which may hamper your plans. Check your health often. Drink a potion if needed. If you are not getting heals and you are low on health, back off (toward the healer) until you get healed. Ranged and healers should stay at max distance to avoid damage.

Fight, fight, fight to take Festitt down!

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