Here you will find our videos that we make traveling around Crete (for now)  with my friend recording various routes to some of the most popular destinations on the island. We also will be visiting the not so popular ones, as Crete and  the rest of Greece have more to show and offer than the tourist brochure.

For this content we will be using a go-pro helmet camera. We want to show the routes / the ride to the destination rather than the actual destination. We also want to try and keep to the back roads as much as possible since highways are boring and the main roads have been recorded over and over in many other videos. In addition we don’t want you to miss all those small villages on the way, which are lovely and full of the true color of the country.

We will be going to our destinations from route one and return from route two, in order to cover as many routes as possible. Think of this as making a circle. This way we have the opportunity to show you more of the areas we visit.  We are planning to travel the entire island of Crete and try to cover as many destinations as possible.

We will try to add as much extra information on the final destinations as we can or provide a link so you can get a better idea of the destinations we visit.

Finally, we also hope that in 2021 we will be able to do some real life outdoors streams, like from a beach or a bar, or a night out. Also, through our endeavour we gain more knowledge and we like to evolve, change and improve. So please excuse the many changes in logos and intros. I am sure we will soon settle down. But you can see our constant hunger for improvement.


Balos Lagoon | Exploring Crete | Chania | Episode 1

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Balos Lagoon

The first video from a series of videos where, me and a friend will be driving with our scooters and moppets around western ...
Crete. We will try and show you some of the beautiful places here is Chania, where we live. We will try and take all the back roads for you to enjoy the scenery instead of staying at the main / highway roads.

Some rides will start from home and end at the target location / destination. Some others will be a continuous ride from place A to place B to place C etc/. We will try and do 10-15 min videos for you to enjoy. I hope you enjoy this first right to Balos Lagoon.

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