Everyone like to play a class that they love. Some pick the class from the looks and appearances, some for the power it has (DPS), other for the gameplay and others for what they can do. In Return of Reckoning, unfortunately not all classes are capable to be used in all the aspects of PVP (RvR). Having said that, I would like clarify that all has a role, just not what people want or need some times.

Below i will try and give you as much information as i can to how and what classes are capable of doing in the PVP aspects of the game. I hope that this will help you to decide what to pick so that you are not disappointed later on. Everyone should play a class that they like and enjoy. This is a game and you should all have fun, regardless the “meta”.



The Blackguard is a tank class. Specifically a “bodyguard” tank class. By bodyguard i mean that its very good at protecting/buffing 1 target at the time. This makes the Blackguard a perfect tank for small groups such as duos or 6Vs6 man parties for roaming, scenarios and ranked scenarios.

For warband play ( 24man groups) the Blackguard is not very welcomed since he can not provide protection and buffs for the whole party /Warband. There is a spot for them when the Warband is organized and want to have a specific play style, such as more aggressive melee profile and accept blackguard as a 2 handed DPS, or to guard a specific class/player.

Blackguards use the hatred mechanic to activate some of their most powerful skills. Specializing in magical defense, Black Guard hate everyone and everything, and use the force of their hate to boost their skills to powerful levels.

As a tank you will be expected to use all you skills to defend, protect allies as well as to control the fight with you skill. Some of the most common skills that you will have at you disposal are:

Guard: Guard 1 person and take 50% of the damage they take. You can block that damage as a tank. Guard switch is a skill to be mastered.

Challenge: Reduce incoming damage for your party by 50%

Punt, Root, Knockdown and more.

As a 2 handed “DPS”,  Blackguard has a good damage output but not on the top. Still remains a fun and complex class to play where some one can have tons of fun.

As a 2-handed tank (DPS) you still can use all the tank utility skills such as guard etc. Tanks never loose the “protector” role! 


Excellent for small scale

Limited for Warbands

Decent as DPS

More info on this class here



The Disciple of Khaine (DOK) is a melee healing class. He is not the typical healing class you want or know. A front – line healer, Disciples use Soul Reaping to gather Soul Essence from their foes, striking them down in the name of Khaine. The Essences can then be used to invoke divine gifts of mending, healing, and support of their allies. In order to ensure that they have a steady supply of Essence available, Disciples must be active members at the front lines of the battle.

A healer that can be used in all aspects of the PVP (RvR) in the Return of Reckoning world. Excellent for 6 man small roaming groups, scenarios and warbands of all forms and formations.

One of the “tankiest” healers in the game only second to the Warrior Priest. Also considered the best healer by many along with the Warrior Priest on Order side.

As a healer you will be expected to keep the health bars of your allies topped up at all times. Recover after deaths have occurred by resurrecting allies. Learn to position yourself out of harms way and defend your self against 1-2 enemies.

The Warrior Priest mechanics are based on willpower. As a DOK you will need to learn to manage your 2 resources well in combat. Both by using a conversion skill where you stop moving and healing for a few seconds to convert action points to Soul Essene and by DPSing to gain more Souls Essene. You will have alot at your disposal to survive and to keep your allies alive. Some skills include Single target detaunt, AOE detaunt, extremely fast heals, AOE heals for the party as well as AOE heals for outside the party.

As a DPS you can do very well, match or even do more damage than a pure DPS while maintaining a lot of the healing skills for mainly self use.

Disciples of Khaine have 3 builds in total. Healing (sword and chalice), Dual Yielding DPS (2 swords), and Healing or DPS with a shield.



Great Heals (single and aoe)

For all aspects fo RvR

Fun as DPS

One of the tankiest Healers in game

More info on this class here



The Sorcerers  is a spell casting ranged DPS class. Has two main specialations, a single target and an AOE build. As a spell caster as in many games, the Sorcerers remains a soft target and relys on high damage output to kill before killed. Of course best result in a group with guard and heals. The Sorcerers can solo but not very well. He has a root but that’s it.

The single target damage is great and feared but the AOE damage is great but not near the Bright Wizard output. In the same way the Sorcerers deals more on single target then the Bright Wizard. The Sorcerers can be played from the back lines, on top of walls.

As a single target spec he is good for small groups, ranked scenarios. As an AOE spec is wanted in some warbands, and definitely in keep and fort defenses.

Sorcerers and Sorceresses pull power recklessly from the Winds of Magic, unleashing devastating magical attacks but putting themselves at risk as well. AS Dark Magic builds up to greater levels, all of the sorcerers’ attacks become much more powerful, bringing a correspondingly higher chance of causing a painful backlash.

Good management is required and to keep checking your own HP or you will die form your own spell damage. There is always a cost. Potions can help with solo play, while in groups or warband the healers got you covered.

The Sorcerers has a spot in warband as an AOE spec, some times can be more than one.



Extreme single target damage

Good ranged AOE

Good keep/fort defender

A spot in all RVR aspects.

More info on this class here



The Witch Elf is a melee stealth / rogue class. The sneak behind their enemies and o suprise attacks and more.. One of the best solo classes due to stealth that can last up to 1 minute and 30 sec until action points are out. Stealth can be a useful tool in many situations, like: spying, sneaking or even escaping.. but at the cost of the action points. The longer in stealth the less action points to fight when you come out of stealth.

The Witch Elf can only yield two swords/daggers. The have mainly single targer damage /burst damage and minimum to none aoe abilities. The few aoe skills that they have, they have to spec for them and are mainly useful in specific formation in warbands. The recent (2020) stealth pounce does not help Witch Elves to get more spots in warband play but it has some limited uses.

An offensive melee attacker, Witch Elves favor ambushes and quick attacks. Once they close in on their victims, Witch Elves become filled with a joyous and terrible Blood Lust, ultimately unleashing in a vicious Frenzy. Their dark blades can also absorb and corrupt the victim’s own blood, briefly turning it into a deadly weapon in the Witch elves’ cruel hands. 

They have a spot in solo roaming stopping other solo reinforcements, small parties, scenarios, ranked scenarios and one or maybe 2 spots in a warband.

Some of the skills Witch Elf have in their arsenal are : Stealth, heal debuff, knockdown, disarm, silence, self punt, 30 sec delay resurrections for enemies, armor ignore, many finishers.

Witch Hunters can fight any enemy on 1 vs 1 if they are repaired well for it.

Note: solo play involves a lot of death on your part until you get some high end gear. Until then pick your figth carefully or group up.



Great solo melee DPS

Gear dependent

Stealth is fun (starts lvl 10)

Great fun

More info on this class here

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