“In times of war the Witch King calls upon his Convents of Sorceresses to rain death and destruction down upon the target of his ire. Their magical prowess will blight the warriors of the opposing army, scorch their souls from their bodies and bring ruination and curses aplenty upon their heads.”

Class Statistics

Difficulty 70%
Versatility 50%
Mobility 60%

Class Information

Archetype: Ranged DPS

Special Mechanic: Dark Magic


Class Details: An offensive ranged attacker, Sorcerers and Sorceresses pull power recklessly from the Winds of Magic, unleashing devastating magical attacks but putting themselves at risk as well. AS Dark Magic builds up to greater levels, all of the sorcerers’ attacks become much more powerful, bringing a correspondingly higher chance of causing a painful backlash.

The chaos and violence of RvR combat draws the Sorceress, where her ranged attacks are very effective. Letting the melee classes stay up front to meet any advance, the Sorceress is free to pick her targets well, be they healers or other ranged combatants from the enemy. While staying back from the fight is safest, she should be ready to change positions often to make it more difficult to be targeted.  A Sorceress’ de-buffs are in high demand, as they will open up weaknesses in the enemy defenses,which her comrades will then quickly exploit.

Career Masteries

The Sorceresses of the Druchii are the true power of the Dark Elf armies. Blades may be turned aside and shields may be crushed, but what soldier can stop a flow of living shadow and darkness? Tearing the Winds of Magic asunder, the Sorceresses bring forth devastation on an unimaginable scale, raining destruction down upon their helpless foes.

The weak High Elves teach that the Winds of Magic must be used in balance, through precise and careful crafting, but the Dark Elf Sorceresses scoff at their foolish cowardice. Every Dark Elf knows that when you want something, you simply take it – all of it. A Sorceress uses her Dark Magic to pull power indiscriminately from all the Winds of Magic, driving her magical potency to levels that her weak High Elf cousins could scarcely dream of. The Winds themselves fight back against such overwhelming use of power, however, and reckless Sorceresses will find themselves facing a Backlash against their unnatural use of power, but such is the price of victory – and surely, any Dark Elves clumsy enough to be destroyed by their own Backlashes would clearly be too foolish to live long in Druchii society regardless, yes?

Sorceress 1

The Path of Agony 

The Path of Agony is mainly concerned with slaughtering individual enemies in the messiest and most direct ways possible. This path contains a somewhat equal mix of volatile Dark Magic spells and more stable magic.

The Path of Calamity

The Path of Calamity is favored by the more subtle and insidious covens of Sorceresses, and is primarily focused on longer-duration effects. A Master of Calamity prefers to hinder and wound their enemies over time, until the effects have built up enough that their foes are already dead, and just don’t realize it yet. This path has fewer Dark Magic abilities, and relies more on a steady pace of destructive stable magic.

Path of Destruction

The Path of Destruction is for the Sorceress who believes that killing one enemy is nothing but a waste of time that could be much better spent killing ALL of their enemies. Spreading vast, sweeping swaths of darkness and death across the battlefield, the Masters of Destruction gamble the most heavily on numerous Dark Magic spells.

Important Stats


As a Sorceress you will need the following statistics which you can improve using armor sets, weapons, rings, talismans and renown points



Intelligence:  Increases your magical damage reduces the chance your opponent’s chance to block or disrupt attacks.

Critical Chance: Increase your chance to do Critical damage .

Wounds: Increases your overall HP. You can never have enough HP.

Acquiring Gear

There are many ways to get gear:

  1. Open RvR:  The gear and weapons you get here are for your main spec.
  2. During RvR: when you kill or lock a zone you will be given medallions according to your level which you can trade for armor and weapons. At the end of a zone if you roll high enough you will be give a color bag with may contain certain tokens that you can trade and get a jewel set. Engineers don’t have defensive jewels set like other classes. 
  3. Scenarios: The gear and weapons you get here are some of the best weapons in game. You gain emblems at the end of every scenario and then you trade the emblems in the vendors in altdorf or inevitable city for your gear and weapons.
  4. Tome Unlocks: The tome is the book on your menu bar. In there you can do some like achievements i.e kill 100 orcs and get an unlock or get 3 items from a creature and then you trade that for a token in the library in altdorf or inevitable city and then that token in a jewel. There are some nice sets to see. Have a look in the useful links section.
  5.  Tier 4 epic quests: There is one epic quest story line in every area, and once you complete them you are given a choice of 1 item.
  6.  Dungeons & Lairs: Some Dungeons and Lairs can provide some good gear, weapons and jewels as you level up and or for end game. Changes in locations and ways to get end tier gear are happening constantly. Try and keep and eye on game forums.

Changes in ROR

  • Pit of Shades radius extended to meet its visual effects

Changes in ROR are happening constantly and its hard to keep up with them all. Stay updated by following the news and patch notes: 



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