For this build you will need to be level 40 Renown rank 80 to fully utilise the build.


For the gear you need to be in minima invader to use the build as the full set of invader gives you 20% armour pen when you are in full rage, later on you can do 2 different sets one would be full offensive sovereign and the other set would be 5 from offensive sovereign and 3 from warlord. For jewellery i would you 2 from the dps genesis, Sentinel ring with melee power and the warlord ring, but to start off with using 3 jewellery from the dps genesis set and the invader. For weapons i would you the fortress weapon and the rr61 sc weapon. Talismans should be weapon skill all the way.


Here you can see what skills i use and what you can play around with you will need skills from path of da savage and path of da wrecka. For the rr70 build it would go something like this.

  • Can’t stop da chop ( 50% heal debuff )
  • Red goes faster ( While Berserk, all cooldowns are reduced by 5 seconds )
  • Git to da choppa ( aoe dmg with a pull and +20% speed )
  • Chop Fasta ( a aoe buff to your group giving them a -5 second cd )

For rr80+ ( with the sovereign +2 from the set ) You want the same as before apart from the tactic and you will want to pick up the Furious Choppin and the tactic extra choppin from path of da wrecka.


As the choppa does more dmg the better its rage gets but it will get hit harder at the same time you want to balance this with your renown.

  • 4 points into Futile Strikes
  • 3 points into Opportunist
  • 2 points into Reflexes
  • 1 point into Deft defender


For the rr70 build

  • Don’t wanna live foreva
  • Brute Force
  • Red goes faster
  • Stab you gooder

For the rr80 build Dont wanna live foreva Brute Force stab you gooder Im da biggest ( swap out with extra choppin in wb’s )


  • Dat tickles
  • Tantrum
  • Supa Chop
  • Frenzied Slaughter


Positives of the build

  • Hits very hard Can swap to who ever you need to with a 50% heal debuff being up all the time.
  • Very good in a melee train and warbands.
  • Gives your group better up time with chop fasta/weapon skill buff and auto attack speed buff.
  • When used right get to da choppa is a good gap closer and its also good when running away for the 20% speed.

Negatives of the build

  • You need a guard and a healer to do well
  • You cant really solo as you can die in a KD


  • Chop fasta
  • Git stuck in
  • Bring da pain
  • Slasha
  • Cant stop da chop
  • Get around and use Go for da soft spot
  • Furious Choppin
  • Slasha
  • Cant stop da chop

                                            SUBMITTED BY CHOPPA CHEW

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