Everyone like to play a class that they love. Some pick the class from the looks and appearances, some for the power it has (DPS), other for the gameplay and others for what they can do. In Return of Reckoning, unfortunately not all classes are capable to be used in all the aspects of PVP (RvR). Having said that, i would like clarify that all has a role, just not what people want or need some times.

Below I will try and give you as much information as I can to how and what classes are capable of doing in the PVP aspects of the game. I hope that this will help you to decide what to pick so that you are not disappointed later on. Everyone should play a class that they like and enjoy. This is a game and you should all have fun, regardless the “meta”.



The Swordmaster is a tank class.  This tank can be played in small groups such as duos or 6Vs6 man parties for roaming, scenarios and ranked scenarios.

The Swordmaster is welcomed in all aspects of the RvR, whether that is warband play ( 24man groups) small groups or scenarios in both forms Sword & board ro 2 -handed dps.

 Fighters specializing in magical attacks, Sword Masters string together short chains of attacks in a graceful Blade Dance. With each swing of their weapons  they step into a more balance fighting position allowing them to use more powerful attacks and increase their balance even further. With magical enchantments to bolster the strength of their attacks, Sword Masters are deadly front-line warriors.

As a tank you will be expected to use all you skills to defend, protect allies as well as to control the fight with you skill. Some of the most common skills that you will have at you disposal are:

Guard: Guard 1 person and take 50% of the damage they take. You can block that damage as a tank. Guard switch is a skill to be mastered.

Challenge: Reduce incoming damage for your party by 50%

Punt, Root, Knockdown and more.

As a “DPS”, 2 handed is has the best damage output of all Order 2-handed tanks due to the spirit damage he is dealing. Still remains a fun and complex class to play (due to blade dance mechanic) where some one can have tons of fun. The addon Plan-b can help you with the blade dancing mechanic IF you have problems.

As a 2-handed tank (DPS) you still can use all the tank utility skills such as guard etc. Tanks never loose the “protector” role!


Excellent for small scale

Good for Warbands

Best DPS tank in Order

Interesting mechanics

More info on this class here



The Archmage is a healing / hybrid  class. A class that you deal damage to buff your healing spells, either for speed or effect. However, this mechanism is the itendent one, it seems that its does not work very well in game and thus no one is using it fully. Most will either heal or dps without paying too much attention to this mechanism.

Long-range healers, the Archmages are master of High Magic. Through careful and balanced use of the Winds of Magic, Archmages can use the power generated by their offensive spells as a fuel for their healing abilities. By weaving back and forth between damaging spells and healing magic they reduce and sometimes even negate the cost of beneficial spells, allowing them to remain efficient for long periods of time.

As a healer the Archmage is the last in line to be picked in many activities in the game. The lack of mobility and defenses don’t make them a favorite. Never the less they can be ready good in small groups if anyone wants to heal.

As a DPS the Archmage is 0ne of the best kiting  and most annoying classes in the game. Very powerful dots and the self heal is good enough to, hit, run, heal , hit , run , heal … A lot of people prefer the Archmage as a solo roaming DPS class.

In warbands the Archmage gets 1 spot usually as a healer or rather support healer and needs to have the instant resurrection skill / tactic and the aoe slow is essential to assist the fights.




Medium Heals (single and aoe)

1 spot in Warbands as heal

Fun as DPS (solo)

More fun in Archmage only groups

More info on this class here



The White Lion is a melee class with a pet.

An offensive melee attacker, White Lions fight side-by-side with a lion companion that they have captured and tamed. Whether distracting the enemy while the lion mails them, or disposing of them directly with their mighty great axes the White Lions can take down enemies in nearly any situation.

The White Lion is very mobile and agile class. The White Lion has in its disposal hunting skills such as Pounce to close the gap with the enemy or fetch to send the pet into combat and fetch (pull) the enemy to them. Getting away from a White Lion is very difficult. The White Lion can play in all aspects on RVR. It has single target damage and some aoe. The damage output is decent from great after the latest patches (2020).


Good melee DPS

Spot in all RVR activities

A true hunter

Great fun

Pet can be a pain.

More info on this class here



The Shadow Warrior is a ranged DPS class. The class has three main specialations, Long range single target, melee single target and AOE medium range build.

A flexible offensive attacker at any range, Shadow Warriors are skilled at both bow and blade. They pick strategies to best suit the battlefield, and can easily shift from being deadly long-range attacker to a highly mobile medium-range skirmisher. In hand to hand combat, Shadow Warriors are also lethal and can dispose of enemies swiftly with their blades.

Good as solo and in groups for general RvR (PVP).

As a ranged single target spec he is good for defending keeps, sitting on high protected positions picking off specific targets.

As a melee single target spec he is good at disposing enemies of all types weak vs ranged and casters.

As a ranged aoe spec he is good at keep / fort defenses and warband play.

All build can be used for smaller group fights with the right modifications.


The Shadow Warrior get 1-2  spots in warband when aoe spec.


Excellent single target – Low mobility

Good AOE with medium mobility

Good for keep/fort defender

A spot in all RVR aspects.

More info on this class here

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