Everyone like to play a class that they love. Some pick the class from the looks and appearances, some for the power it has (DPS), other for the gameplay and others for what they can do. In Return of Reckoning, unfortunately not all classes are capable to be used in all the aspects of PVP (RvR). Having said that, i would like clarify that all has a role, just not what people want or need some times.

Below i will try and give you as much information as i can to how and what classes are capable of doing in the PVP aspects of the game. I hope that this will help you to decide what to pick so that you are not disappointed later on. Everyone should play a class that they like and enjoy. This is a game and you should all have fun, regardless the “meta”.



The Black Orc is a tank class.  This tank can be played in small groups such as duos or 6Vs6 man parties for roaming, scenarios and ranked scenarios.

The Black Orc is welcomed in all aspects of the RvR, whether that is warband play ( 24man groups) small groups or scenarios in both forms Sword & board or 2 -handed dps.

Black Orcs love a good brawl, and always manage to get into the thick of them. Their onslaught of attacks allow Black Orcs to press forward into the fray with a continuous flow of strikes, unlocking more abilities with each successive blow.

As a tank you will be expected to use all you skills to defend, protect allies as well as to control the fight with you skill. Some of the most common skills that you will have at you disposal are:

Guard: Guard 1 person and take 50% of the damage they take. You can block that damage as a tank. Guard switch is a skill to be mastered.

Challenge: Reduce incoming damage for your party by 50%

Punt, Root, Knockdown and more.

As a “DPS”, 2 handed is has the best damage output of all 2-handed tanks in the game (2020). Still remains a fun and complex class to play (due to blade Brawling mechanic) where some one can have tons of fun. The addon Plan-b can help you with the Brawling mechanic IF you have problems.

As a 2-handed tank (DPS) you still can use all the tank utility skills such as guard etc. Tanks never loose the “protector” role!


Excellent for small scale

Good for Warbands

Best DPS tank in Game

Interesting mechanics

More info on this class here



The Squig Herder is a ranged DPS class with a pet. The class has three main specialations, Long range single target, melee AOE and  kiting medium range build.

Goblins aren’t exactly known for their fortitude or strength, so the clever Squig Herders use a pack of Squigs to do the hard work, while they stand back and safely pepper their enemies with arrows. Though they can keep only a single Squig under their control at any given time, the sheer arsenal of Squigs at their disposal make then valuable in nearly any situation.

Good as solo and in groups for general RvR (PVP).

As a ranged single target spec he is good for defending keeps, sitting on high protected positions picking off specific targets.

As a melee AOE spec the squig herder can attack both single targets and many with the same efficiency. Only spec a warband will accept.

As a ranged medium range spec the squig herder enters the burst / kitting mode.

A choice ot the right pet is essential for the game play ( extra critical, extra range, defenses etc.) . Pets can get annoying.

All build can be used for smaller group fights with the right modifications.


The Squig Herder gets a few spots in warband when aoe spec.



Excellent single target – Low mobility

Good AOE with great mobility (pounce)

Good for keep/fort defender

A spot in all RVR aspects.

More info on this class here



The Shaman is a healing / hybrid  class. A class that you deal damage to buff your healing spells, either for speed or effect. However, this mechanism is the intetented one, it seems that its does not work very well in game and thus no one is using it fully. Most will either heal or dps without paying too much attention to this mechanism.

While capable healers at anytime, Shaman are at their peak when in the grip of WAAAGH! frenzy. By pummeling their enemies with destructive spells, Shaman worked up into a WAAAGH!-fueled craze which they then draw upon power their healing abilities.

As a Shaman, you’ll have to walk a careful line in balancing your offensive and support abilities.

As a healer the Shaman is the last in line to be picked in many activities in the game. The lack of powerful heals and buffs don’t make them a favorite. Never the less they can be ready good in small groups if anyone wants to heal. The Shaman is one of the most mobile units in the game with speed buff as a racial making them hard to capture when kitting as a dps and very survivable when healing. Their survivability

As a DPS the Shaman is the best kiting  and most annoying classes in the game. Very powerful dots and the self heal is good enough to, hit, run, heal , hit , run , heal … A lot of people prefer the Shaman as a solo roaming DPS class.

In warbands the Shaman gets 1 spot usually as a healer or rather support healer and needs to have the instant resurrection skill / tactic and the aoe slow is essential to assist the fights.


Good Heals (single and aoe)

Accepted all aspects for RvR

Fun as DPS

The best kit in game

More info on this class here



The Choppa is a melee class. A Choppa focuses on brutal offensive attacks. As their berserk builds up, they become more and more powerful, but they will eventually start to become more vulnerable as well, as fatigue takes its toll, thus they need for a tank to make the best of them. Ideally a Black Orc or a Blackguard but any tank can get the job done.

Choppas are great both with dual yield and two handed. Also very good at single target and aoe damage. They have a spot in all RVR activities, from 6 man parties, scenarios and warbands. Solo roaming is possible but very hard to pull off.

One of the best melee DPS classes on Destruction side. Some of the skill include sprint to close the gap between him and the enemies, Knockdown, alot of AOE skills both with 2 handed and dual yield style. Get to the chopaa for pulling enemies closer to you, with great use in both small groups and warbands. 

Note: Be ready to die a lot while leveling and even later. Powerful as they might be .. guard or heal is always needed.


Great melee DPS

Weak Alone

Most wanted melee DPS

Great fun

More info on this class here

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