“Armed and armored to fight in the thick of melee as a warrior and tanker, the Black Orc matches physical hardiness with a down and dirty brawlers fighting style that makes him the heart of any war band. . There’s no honor among Green skins, and there’s no such thing as a fair fight – and that’s the way he likes it!”

Class Statistics

Difficulty 75%
Versatility 70%
Mobility 55%

Class Information

Archetype: Tank

Special Mechanic: Brawling

Class Details: Black Orcs love a good brawl, and always manage to get into the thick of them. Their onslaught of attacks allow Black Orcs to press forward into the fray with a continuous flow of strikes, unlocking more abilities with each successive blow.

Combat for a Black Orc revolves around engaging and defeating enemies one at a time, while weathering the fire of their allies. As a front line fighter, the Black Orc is well equipped to withstand the attacks of his enemies. Though protected by shield and armor, and possessing a hearty constitution, his greatest strength lies in his ability to disable his primary opponent. His use of jarring blows and unexpected attacks allow the Black Orc to exploit the openings they create to reduce the enemy’s ability to fight back.

Career Masteries

Black Orcs love a good brawl, and are always the first ones to charge into the hectic chaos of combat. Over enough generations, this has ensured that the only surviving Black Orcs are the toughest of the tough and the meanest of the mean, resulting in a group known for their brutality and sturdiness even among other Greenskins.

Black Orcs are master tacticians, and brilliant combat fighters without intellectual peer among the Greenskins, for they can actually formulate and follow a detailed and complex battle plan. Some warriors of other races have been known to occasionally point out that a Black Orcs plans somehow seem to consist of nothing more than progressing from “Hit im!” to “Oi, es still standing, hit im again!”, and then back to “Him im!” again…but theyre careful not to sound mocking or dismissive, for in the hands of a Black Orc, such a plan is crushingly effective.


Path Of Da Brawler

A master of this path believes that the best way to win a fight is through choppin the other guy into little pieces quickly. He scoffs at the thought of using a shield, since that just makes it harder to swing a massive Big Choppa around, and he doesnt need anything getting between him and his choppin!

Path Of Da Toughest

A specialist in this path sees the wisdom in using a massive shield and taking care to defend himself against attacks – after all, while choppin is grand fun, living through the fight so that he can do some more choppin later is an appealing prospect as well.

Path Of Da Boss

If there’s one thing that an Orc Boss can do better than anyone, its yelling at those who aren’t as big as him. A specialist in this path has had long practice at yelling, shouting, and encouraging his group to fight onward and be strong – although its still a point of military debate whether the Orcs allies are actually inspired to press forward and fight, or whether there simply trying to get the Orc to stop his deafening bellows and reeking breath.


Important Stats

As a Black Orc you will need the following statistics which you can improve using armor sets, weapons, rings, talismans and renown points. 

Block: Increases your chance to defend against all attacks with a shield.

Wounds: Increases your overall HP. You can never have enough HP.

Toughness: Reduces damage dealt to you by opponents.

Parry: Increases your chance to defend against melee attacks.

Acquiring Gear


There are many ways to get gear:

  1. Open RvR:  The gear and weapons you get here are for your main spec.
  2. During RvR: when you kill or lock a zone you will be given medallions according to your level which you can trade for armor and weapons. At the end of a zone if you roll high enough you will be give a color bag with may contain certain tokens that you can trade and get a jewel set. Engineers don’t have defensive jewels set like other classes. 
  3. Scenarios: The gear and weapons you get here are some of the best weapons in game. You gain emblems at the end of every scenario and then you trade the emblems in the vendors in altdorf or inevitable city for your gear and weapons.
  4. Tome Unlocks: The tome is the book on your menu bar. In there you can do some like achievements i.e kill 100 orcs and get an unlock or get 3 items from a creature and then you trade that for a token in the library in altdorf or inevitable city and then that token in a jewel. There are some nice sets to see. Have a look in the useful links section.
  5.  Tier 4 epic quests: There is one epic quest story line in every area, and once you complete them you are given a choice of 1 item.
  6.  Dungeons & Lairs: Some Dungeons and Lairs can provide some good gear, weapons and jewels as you level up and or for end game. Changes in locations and ways to get end tier gear are happening constantly. Try and keep and eye on game forums.

Changes in ROR


  • Da Toughest! now affects your entire group.
  • War Bellows share a cooldown of 10s.
  • We’z Bigger rebuilt to apply a visual effect on group members. 
  • Follow ‘me Lead will apply to both player and defensive target. 
  • Savin’ Me Hide now scales off of Path of Da Boss (was Da Toughest).
  • Da Big Un’ now scales off of Path of Da Brawler (was Da Boss).
  • Big Slash now scales off of Path of Da Toughest (was Da Brawler).
  • You Wot!?!!! ability created in place of Puddle o’ Muck at 15point Da Brawler. “You think you heard someone say something about the size of your weapon. You fly into a rage and pick on one target with a vengeance for 20s, dealing 20% more damage to them, but 90% damage to everyone else. Your armor and resistances increase by 50%, and defenses by 25%, but when your rage subsides you will lose 50% of all of your defenses (armor, resistances, parry, block, dodge, and disrupt).” Puddle o’ Muck moved to core and puts all other morales on a 5min cooldown when used.(original ability creation) (updated)
  • T’ree Hit Combo now requires a great weapon.
  • Youz see me blok’ dat’?! internal cooldown increased to 10s (from 3s).
  • Big Brawlin’ snare and disorient of Big Swing are reduced to 20% (down from 40% snare and 25% disorient), but there is no cooldown. Debuff is an Ailment.
  • Rock ‘Ard now places the absorb on groupmates within 80ft.
  • WAAAAAAAGH! now debuffs enemy Elemental resistances (instead of Corporeal) and now grants a Blessing which increases team mates (who are within 30ft of the player) auto attack damage by 25% for 10s.
  • Down Ya Go now grants Chop Fasta Blessing to your group, reducing cooldowns by 5 seconds for 10 seconds so long as they are within 100ft.
  • Right in Da Jibblies had a knock-up effect on live. This is now active. Does not grant immunities but does respect them.
  • No Choppin’ Me will not stack two Follow ‘me Lead weapon skill buffs on the defensive target.

Changes in ROR are happening constantly and its hard to keep up with them all. Stay updated by following the news and patch notes: 



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