Boss Rank: 40

Races: High Elf & Dark Elf
Location: Dragonwake (23005, 43060)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Gholnaros the Deathless
Boss Abilities: Dragon Breath (Frontal Cone, DoT, duration 4 sec, one tick every half second, Spirit dmg); Black Fireball (DD, Spirit dmg); Black Fireball (PBAoE, Spirit dmg); Gaping Maw (DD, Physical)
Lair Recommendations: Lots of damage means you need a secondary healer.

Party Strategy

Prepare for an epic battle against Gholnaros the Deathless. He has the following four abilities:

Dragon Breath: Frontal cone damage over time for four seconds, one tick every half second. Spirit damage
Black Fire: Direct damage. Spirit damage.
Black Fire: Targeted area of effect damage. Spirit damage.
Gaping Maw: Direct damage. Physical damage.

A normal group setup will suffice against Gholnaros. Have all ranged and healers at casting range, spread out in case the AoE damage is cast on any of them, to prevent all ranged from being hit with one AoE. Th tank should position Gholnaros so its back is to everyone else. Melee, get to Gholnaros’s rear and attack from there. The tank will take massive damage in this fight as a result of the DoT and DD damage. HoTs on the tank are absolutely critical to mitigate this DoT damage. Remember if you’re the main tank healer, never heal another player unless there are HoTs already on the tank. A backup healer would be helpful to assist the main healer in this fight. If there is a backup healer, have that person focus on healing the raid. Of course, healers should always heal themselves and other healers first, with the exception of the tank. If a healer dies, the raid dies. So healers make sure you watch your own health.

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