Boss Rank: 40

Races: High Elf & Dark Elf
Location: Caledor (53465, 28105)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Xaphan
Boss Abilities: Shockwave (Frontal Arc, DD,with knockback); Shield Swipe (DD, Physical); Low Blow (Single Target Stun,8 sec duration); Self Buff (Stun/knockdown immunity)
Lair Recommendations: An off-tank to deal with a long stun effect, an extra healer.

Party Strategy

To get into the lair, one player must go to Avelorn, Reikland, Black Crag, Nordland, Praag, and Marshes of Madness to find the Altars of Xaphan and interact with them. Once all six are found and used by the same player, read the book on the altar outside of Xaphan’s Lair, which will open the door so everyone may get in. This needs to be done each time this lair is to be completed. 

In addition to his normal attack, Xaphan of the Pyre uses three different abilities periodically throughout the fight. The tank should handle the Shockwave attack. Position Xaphan so his back is to everyone else. Melee, make sure you’re directly behind the boss, not to the side. Cone effects tend to hit people off on the boss’s flanks, so keep on the boss’s back and move only if the tank moves. Ranged and DPS should be behind him at max range. Tank, position your back to a wall so when you get knocked back, you don’t move out of range of your healer.

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