Jul 19, 2020

Races: Empire & Chaos
Location: Nordland (32508, 61067)
Door Puzzle: yes
Boss: Morra
Boss Abilities: Bleeding gash (DoT, 15 sec duration); Fierce Howl (Self Buff: reduce dmg by 20 percent, 18 sec duration); Ferocious Bite (DD, Physical)
Lair recommendations: Extra DPSer to deal with Fierce Howl’s damage reduction potential

Party Strategy

You need to clear your way to Morra. There are rank 40 elder wolves, wolf pups, and red wolves in the cave leading to Morra in the first cavern. 

ou see Morra as soon as you enter the second cavern. Morra’s normal attack hits for around 2,000. His special attacks includes Bleeding gash, which does 433 damage periodically over 15 seconds. This is a damage-over-time attack. Avoid getting aggro so you avoid getting DoT-ed. If you get low on health, either call for a heal or pop a potion. Fight from max range to avoid ever getting hit at all. Healers make sure to keep your HoT-s on the tank. In combination with the direct heals, the HoT-s should help reduce the long-term effects of the DoT. 

Fierce Howl, which reduces damage by 20 percent for 18 seconds, should grab everyone’s attention. Be aware of when this effect is in play. Avoid using your big damaging abilities until it wears off in order to get the maximum benefit. 

Ferocious Bite, which does 433 damage, is a very fast attack. The tank needs to be taking these hits. This is a direct damage (DD) attack, which means you want your tank to have sufficient aggro to have all the hits taken on him. 

Morra is extremely fast and will chase his enemy down. you must fight Morra with a tank who can hold the aggro. Bring at least two healers and whatever other damage-dealers you can grab. 

Steady DPS will win this fight. Just make sure to watch where you’re moving so you don’t aggro other wolves from inside his cavern.

Make sure healers are not sleeping on the job, and assign someone to take out any adds should they pop up. So long as you manage the surroundings, you’ll be snacking on wolf meat in short time.

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