Races: Dwarfs & Greenskins
Location: Mount Bloodhorn, inside Felridge (53555, 44957)
Door Puzzle: No
Boss: Nerx Gutslime
Boss Abilities: Lasting Pain (DD, corporeal with curse 10s DoT); No Pain (Absorb shield); Stop Speaking (DD, corporeal with curse 4s Silence); Steal Stuff (DD, corporeal with Lifetap); Steal More Stuff (PBAoe, corporeal with Lifetap)
Lair recommendations: An extra healer because Gutslime hits hard

Party Strategy

Nerx Gutslime is on the right side of the cavern, by himself. 

Watch out for Lasting Pain. Its periodic damage can throw off your healer. Avoid getting aggro so you avoid getting DoT-ed. If you get low on health, either call for a heal or pop a potion. If you aren’t required for hand-to-hand, fight from max range to avoid ever getting hit at all.

Steal Stuff and Steal More Stuff can be dangerous. you want the tank sucking up all this damage. Melee have to be on their toes because  Steal More Stuff is Aoe. Watch your health. Drink a potion if needed. If you are not getting heals and you are low on health, then back off (toward the healer) until you get healed. ranged and healers stay at max distance to avoid damage. 

Because of Gutslime’s Stop Speaking silence effect, a backup healer would be useful. If you do bring a second healing career, regardless if they are DPS-ing, they need to stand as far away from the other healer as possible. This prevents having both healers silenced at the same time, and the secondary healer needs to be prepared to heal the tank if the main healer gets silenced. The key to beating Gutslime is fast and efficient DPS. The faster he goes down, the higher probability that you will beat him.

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