Races: High elf & Dark elf
Location: The Blighted Isle, inside the Plain of Bone rvr area (35208, 51311)
Door Puzzle: yes Boss: Lady Alisha
Boss Abilities: Silence (Silence ability)
Lair recommendations: Secondary healer to heal tank if primary healer gets silenced

Party Strategy

Alisha awaits just inside the entrance, all alone. 

Alisha is a fairly simple fight, although she hits quite hard, so the tank must be well geared and the healer (or healers) must be on their toes. 

Alisha can also silence casters, which can be deadly. Ideally, ranged DPS-ers and healers should stay as far back as possible. Healers need to plan that they may get silenced and always keep a HoT ticking on the tank just in case. Everyone should watch their own health and be ready to drink a potion if needed. 

With perseverance, and some great heals, she’ll fall easily enough, hopefully dropping a decent item for someone in your party.

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