Races: High Elf & Dark Elf
Location: The Blighted Isle (35727, 18017)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Gorthlak
Boss Abilities: Life Loss (DoT Curse 300 dmg every 2 sec, 10 sec duration); Corporeal Strike (DD)
Lair Recommendations: A secondary healer will aid in healing, an extra DPSer will aid in damage dealing

Party Strategy

Gorthlak stands at the back of the lair. 

Beware Gorthlak’s regular swinging physical attack that deals approximately 700 damage to cloth. 

Gorthlak uses two abilities throughout the fight. The first ability, Life Loss, is a curse that deals 300 damage every two seconds for 10 seconds, and the second is Corporeal Strike, which is a direct damage ability that deals approximately 1,400 damage to cloth. Both can be resisted and/or mitigated slightly with more armor and resistances. Against Life Loss, avoid getting aggro so you avoid getting DoTed. If you get low on health, either call for a heal or pop a potion. Fight from max range to avoid ever getting hit at all. Healers make sure to keep your HoTs on the tank. In combination with the heals, the HoTs should help reduce the long-term effects of the DoT. 

The fight is a standard tank and DPS fight, and as long as the main tank stays alive and no one else pulls aggro from them, this fight should go smoothly. 

Use direct combat and heals to defeat Gorthlak.

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