Races: High elf & Dark elf
Location: Chrace, in the mountains south of the Dark elf chapter 4 PQ, The Stone of Valetear (18697, 61629)Door Puzzle: yes
Boss: Kelbrax Boss
Abilities: Bleed (DoT); Knockback (Knockback, Physical)
Lair recommendations: An off-tank is a good addition to deal with potential Knockback

Party Strategy

Kelbrax awaits. He has two abilities in addition to his normal attack. The first is a bleed and the second is a knockback. His normal attack hits a little less hard than that of other rare mobs his rank, so he should not be hard to tank. 

Kelbrax is a relatively simple battle. Kelbrax’s bleed ability is not too much to worry about; however, the knockback ability needs to be addressed by having the main tank position his back to a wall. This will eliminate the tank being thrown around the room and having to continually reposition Kelbrax. DPS is lost if the party has to stop shooting to let the tank charge back and lock down the boss. Ranged and healers should stay at max distance. Melee, try to get a wall to your back as well. 

Eventually Kelbrax will be overcome and cough up a decent drop.

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