Races: Empire & Chaos
Location: Norsca (18583, 26375)
Door Puzzle: yes
Boss: Silveroak
Boss Abilities: Stun (Stun, 3 sec duration, corporeal); Tellcric Swat (DD, Physical); Earth Shattering Howl (DD); Knockback (Knockback, Physical)
Lair recommendations: Bring an off-tank in case of Stun or Knockback

Party Strategy

The boss is Silveroak, a very large angry tree. Its corporeal Stun lasts for three seconds. The tank should be the person getting stunned. But when the tank is stunned, no new threat is being generated. everyone needs to be aware of when the tank is stunned and back off their attacks for those three seconds. Let the tank get back in action and then engage again. 

Tellcric Swat hits for around 1,777. earth Shattering Howl does around 1,966. The tank needs to be taking these hits. These are direct damage (DD) attacks, which means you want your tank to have sufficient aggro to have all the hits taken on him. 

Its normal attack hits for 1,636 damage with critical at 1,901 damage. Silveroak is not as quick as some other bosses, but packs a huge punch when it does hit you. 

There’s a lot of space in the clearing with tons of obstacles such as trees, tree stumps, and boulders. Anyone who isn’t a tank should use the environment to hinder Silveroak’s attacks. 

Be careful of being too close to the edge of the plateau. Silveroak can knock you off with one of his knockback swings. Tank, try to position yourself so your back is to a tree or rock so the knockback will not send you very far. DPS is lost if the party has to stop shooting to let the tank charge back and lock down the boss. ranged and healers stay at max distance. Melee, try to get a tree to your back as well. 

Silveroak can be stunned and disabled, so use abilities that allow you to do that. 

This fight is a steady one, and how fast you win depends on what careers you take. 

Your tank should take aggro and try to back himself up to a tree so that Silveroak’s knockbacks don’t cause any loss of aggro.

Silveroak deals heavy damage, so the healers need to pay attention and be alert. Having two healers, one being a DPS dealer, would be a great big help to make this kill go even faster. Keep damage-over-time effects on Silveroak at all times, and you will see his health decrease till he drops dead.

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