Boss rank: 40Races: Dwarf & greenskin
Location: Barak Varr, western coast (1152, 21085)
Door Puzzle: yes
Boss: Karerg The Reaver
Boss Abilities: Shaky resolve (Weapon Skill, Initiative, and Willpower reduced by 5); Whirling Knockdown (Knockdown, Physical)
Lair recommendations: An off-tank may be necessary if main tank temporarily removed from fight due to Knockdown ability

Party Strategy

The moment Karerg the reaver sees you enter his secret lair, he attacks with a fist that makes a ham look small and fetid breath that will make your eyes water.

He may cause you to have Shaky resolve (Weapon Skill, Initiative, and Willpower reduced by five). If you get hit by this attack, grin and bear it. your damage output is reduced, so you will be less effective. Work from max range and avoid taking aggro to help avoid getting hit by this (unless you’re the tank, of course). Please note that healer effectiveness will be reduced as well, so try to stay on top of your own health and use a potion only when it’s critical. Also, when he hits the tank with his patented Whirling Knockdown move, stop attacking. Wait for the tank to get back up and get back in the fight, and then resume.

As a cloth wearer, never draw his attention. cast heal-over-time spells just before the fight starts and let the tank build some aggro. Karerg will blast you for approximately 1,000 worth of damage when you are wearing medium armor.

The tank should lead him to the far right side of the ledge in the lair with all the ranged attackers gathered on the right side. The backstabbers can then move into range behind him and he should fall quickly. Keep the heals coming, though, for this guy will lay down some damage and has a ton of health.

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