Jul 19, 2020

Races: Empire & Chaos
Location: Troll country (9144, 4301)
Door Puzzle: yes
Boss: Metoh
Boss Abilities: Frostbite (DoT 428 dmg periodically over 6 sec); Vigorous claw (DD); Metoh’s Toss Up (DD 1,725 dmg; knock up)
Lair recommendations: Secondary healer to deal with heavy damage potential

Party Strategy

This is as straightforward a fight as you’re going to get. enter the cave and head down. Metoh has a regular attack that does around 1,950 health. one of Metoh’s special powers is Frostbite, a spell that does 428 damage periodically over six seconds. This is a damage-over-time attack. Avoid getting aggro so you avoid getting DoTed. If you get low on health, either call for a heal or pop a potion. If the DoT has a range, fight from max range to avoid ever getting hit at all. Healers make sure to keep your HoTs on the tank. In combination with the heals, the HoTs should help reduce the long-term effects of the DoT. 

His second ability is Vigorous claw, which does around 1,318 damage. The tank needs to be taking these hits. This is a direct damage (DD) attack, which means you want your tank to have sufficient aggro to have all the hits taken on him. 

Metoh’s last ability, Toss Up, causes 1,725 damage. Melee needs to watch aggro while the tank is repositioning himself. Depending on where the tank stands initially and where the tank falls after the knock up, the boss may need to be repositioned. If so, the DPS needs to disengage until the tank has repositioned the boss, then reengage. Healers need to be ready to heal the tank quickly as he will take damage from both the attack and the fall. Keep HoTs on the tank at all time to help mitigate some of the damage. Use any threatreducing abilities at this time to help mitigate any heal threat during the knock up. 

There are no adds or other mobs around him.

Fight him in his cave and nowhere near the entrance or Metoh’s Toss Up will cause headaches.

Let the tank get aggro before anyone does any damage. Metoh will usually start out by using the Toss Up. He is easy to stun. All-out damage, watching aggro, is how to win the fight.

Make sure to stay in caster range of Metoh if you’re not a melee player. He has a few surprises for you, like his Frostbite maneuver, so stay frosty on your toes.

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