Location: Fetid Bog inside Marshes of Madness (25631, 60657)
Door Puzzle: No
Boss: Old Oozeback
Boss Abilities: Putrid Vomit (Aoe with DoT, Physical); ground Slam (Aoe, Physical)
Lair recommendations: ranged DPSer useful to avoid area-effect attacks

Party Strategy

Old Oozeback can be located at various points within his lair, so be prepared before entering.

Oozeback’s has two melee Aoe abilities. The first, Putrid Vomit, does upfront damage and leaves a damage-over-time effect on everyone hit. The tank and melee DPSers should be on high alert because all of oozeback’s abilities are Aoe. Watch your health. Drink a potion if needed. If you are not getting heals and you are low on health, then back off (toward the healer) until you get healed. ranged and healers stay at max distance to avoid damage. If melee gets critically low on health and a potion isn’t available, the melee should step out of range of the Aoe until a healer can get a heal off, then reengage. 

The second Aoe ability is ground Slam, which hits everyone for the equivalent of a regular melee attack from oozeback.

Oozeback hits extremely hard, so everyone must be on the ball to beat him.

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