Boss Rank: 40

Races: Empire & Chaos
Location: Ostland (8577, 62763)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Feculesh, the Defiler
Boss Abilities: Plague Crush (Targeted DD); Putrid Breath (Frontal Cone, Corporeal dmg); Foul Air (AoE)
Lair Recommendations: Secondary healer for support healing and to avoid both healers getting caught in Foul Air radius

Party Strategy

Feculesh is down a flight of stairs into the crypt. The boss has three abilities. The first, called Plague crush, does a large amount of physical damage to its current target. Keep your health as high as you can through personal healing. Healers, keep your party topped off. That way, if you get hit by this, it is unlikely to be fatal. Healers need to be focused on the tank, but a few HoTs on the raid will help to keep everyone topped off sufficiently and keep the healing aggro down. 

Be prepared to heal anyone who gets hit by this ability. First HoT the tank, then heal the affected party member, and return to the tank. Never leave the tank without at least a HoT ticking down. 

The second ability is a frontal Aoe cone attack called Putrid Breath, which deals corporeal damage. The tank should position Feculesh facing a wall so he doesn’t hit the party with this attack. Melee, make sure you’re directly behind the boss, not to the side. cone effects tend to hit people off on the boss’s flanks, so keep on the boss’s back and move only if the tank moves. ranged and DPS should be behind him at max range.

The third, Foul Air, affects everyone in the area around Feculesh. ranged and healers need to remain at max range and avoid getting hit at all. Melee need to ensure they stay within range of the healer so your health can be topped off. If melee gets critically low on health and a potion isn’t available, the melee should step out of range of the Aoe until a healer can get a heal off, then reengage. 

Once the fight begins, it is pretty standard. go with a normal party setup of tank, two healers, and the rest damage-dealers; an off-tank is not required as there are no adds or reinforcements. Tank with your back against the wall so the rest of the group avoids being hit with the area-effect damage. Feculesh does have a lot of health and does a good amount of damage, so all members need to be 40 and have decent gear.

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