Boss rank: 31

Races: Dwarf & greenskin
Location: The Badlands, southern rvr area (23710, 62515)
Door Puzzle: yes
Boss: Krela Darkshroud
Boss Abilities: Leeching Shroud (Self buff: Heals self for 3x the damage taken); Unstable Life (Aoe DoT, corporeal); Summon Dire Wolf (Summons champion dire wolf); Immune to All Disables
Lair recommendations: off-tank for dire wolves, extra DPS for wolves and against Krela in case she heals

Party Strategy

Krela Darkshroud is a very formidable foe, and being dead a couple of centuries has not helped her sense of humor. She has a multitude of attacks and can summon a champion dire wolf to aid her in battle. Kill this wolf quickly unless it is summoned right at the end of the fight. If you are in the final 10 percent or so, just finish the boss. If not, have the tank keep the boss locked down and burn down the dire wolf. Ideally you could have an off-tank in this fight and pick up the wolf when it’s summoned. The wolf can also be tanked by a pet class with spot heals to keep the pet up. She can summon multiple wolves over time, so kill them as they are summoned to help prevent the healers or ranged damage from getting aggro.

Krela is usually in the center of the raised dais, and she will hit even the best outfitted for approximately 200–600 worth of health. 

Have the tank grab aggro right away, and  your healers need to keep the tank up. other careers might have to do a bit of maneuvering around the cavern to avoid Krela if she comes after you.

You are in for a battle. Krela Darkshroud uses Leeching Shroud (a buff placed on Krela for 15 seconds that causes all damage taken to be healed back to her for 3x the damage taken), and when Leeching Shroud is active, almost everyone should back off. only the tank should be attacking to maintain threat, and everyone else should be waiting for this effect to wear off. If you keep right on damaging, all you do is heal the boss back up. Look out for Unstable Life too (a damage-over-time that hits all melee characters around Krela for major corporeal damage). Ranged and healers need to remain at max range and avoid getting hit at all. Melee need to ensure they stay within range of the healer so they live through the DoT. If melee gets critically low on health and a potion isn’t available, the melee should step out of range of the AoE until a healer can get a heal off, then reengage. Krela is also immune to all disables. Her undead strength will tear huge rents in the strongest armor, so enter her lair at your own risk.

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