Races: High elf & Dark elf
Location: ellyrion, south of the Tower of Milurien near the High elf PQ, Shady Tower (53908, 42745)
Door Puzzle: No
Boss: Stinkfang the Vomitous
Boss Abilities:  Vomit (Summons lizards)
Lair recommendations:  An off-tank to grab aggro on lizard adds

Party Strategy

Swim inside Stinkfang’s cave. He awaits just inside, with a rank 39 lizard friend there to help him in time of need.

Fortunately, his lizard friend is just a normal mob, not a champion or hero.

Unfortunately, Stinkfang likes to make true on his name, vomiting green slime all about the cavern in a display of his loveliness, which tends to attract a lot more lizard friends. When the lizards are summoned, they need to be killed fast unless they come right at the end of the fight. If you are in the final 10 percent or so, just finish the boss. If not, have the tank keep the boss locked down and burn down the lizards. Ideally you could have a tank class DPS in this fight and pick up the lizards when they’re summoned. A lizard can also be tanked by a pet class with spot heals to keep the pet up. The lizards need to be picked up quickly so the healing aggro from the healers doesn’t draw the mobs directly to them. DPS needs to focus fire to take the lizard down quickly. Healers be prepared to throw HoTs on the raid while the mob is being addressed.

A decent group shouldn’t have any problems dispatching the ancient, stinky troll and reaping the rewards.

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