Races: Dwarf & greenskin
Location: Black Fire Pass, inside RvR zone (4096, 23757)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Ulnac the Shambler
Boss Abilities: Knockback (Knockback, Physical); Knockdown (Knockdown, Physical)
Lair Rcommendations: An off-tank to hold aggro should the main tank lose threat due to Knockback or Knockdown abilities.

Party Strategy

The boss, Ulnac the Shambler, is at the back of the cavern. 

Watch for his knockback ability. Tank, you’re the only person this attack really matters for. Position yourself with your back to a wall so the knockback will not send you very far. DPS

is lost if the party has to stop shooting to let you charge back and regain control. Ranged and healers, stay at max distance. Melee, try to get a wall to your back as well. Your tank

should avoid standing beside the hole in this room; if the tank falls through, he will lose aggro and the Shambler will attack the next highest threat target, usually the healer or nearby DPSer.

Everyone but the tank should be spread out behind him to avoid his knockdown. The party needs to pay close attention to this attack. When the tank is knocked down, stop attacks. Wait for the tank to get back up and get back in the fight and then resume. Healers and ranged DPS stay at max range to try to avoid getting hit.

Unleash everything you’ve got to take him down and you can claim your reward!

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