Boss Rank: 40

Races: Dwarf & greenskin
Location: Black Fire Pass (61335, 8538)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Ravack
Boss Abilities: foul Breath (Frontal Cone)
Lair Recommendations: An extra DPSer to bring the boss down faster.

Party Strategy

Ravack is located at the back of his lair.

Be careful not to fall into the hole next to Ravack. It’ll be painful if you do.

Watch out for his Foul Breath attack. It’s a frontal cone attack inflicting massive amounts of damage. Make sure no one but the tank is in front of him. If you are the tank, position Ravack so his back is to everyone else. Melee, make sure you’re directly behind the boss, not to the side. Cone effects have a tendency to hit people off on the boss’s flanks, so keep on the boss’s back and move only if the tank moves. Ranged and healers should be behind him at max range.

He also hits extremely hard, so your healer has to be on top of his or her game.

This fight will test your skills. Put everything you’ve got into this fight and you will be rewarded.

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