Races: High Elf & Dark Elf
Location: Avelorn, southeast (60773, 48128)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Elrin Helfried
Boss Abilities: Drain Circle (Hex); Ethereal Strike (DD)
Lair Recommendations: Extra DPS to finish the fight faster.

Party Strategy

Elrin Helfried is at the back of the lair.

Elrin Helfried uses two abilities periodically throughout the fight. The first ability is Drain Circle, which is a hex and can be partially resisted/mitigated. Cure the hex or heal through it. HoTs on the raid will help mitigate this damage. Remember: if you’re the main tank healer, never heal another player unless there are HoTs on the tank.

The next ability is Ethereal Strike, which is a direct-damage ability that can be partially mitigated. Make sure the tank takes these hits to keep his threat higher than the rest of the party.

Helfried triggers these abilities randomly throughout the fight. In addition to these two, his normal attack hits for approximately 700 on cloth. He is susceptible to stuns and knockdown effects, which also can help mitigate the amount of damage the group receives.

To defeat Elrin Helfried, make sure he focuses his aggression on the main tank while the DPS and healers do their jobs. Use your abilities to bring him to his demise.

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