Boss rank: 40

Races: empire & chaos
Location: Talabecland (44000, 63000)
Door Puzzle: yes
Boss: Bleakwing Matriarch
Boss Abilities: Furious roar (Stacking outgoing damage buff, 5 percent per, maximum 5); Brutal chomp (Physical DD); Dizzying Winds (Targeted wind effect, causing PBAoe elemental damage with a small knockback)
Lair recommendations: Secondary healer to deal with Furious roar, an extra DPSer for more damage.

Party Strategy

The tank needs to take the majority of hits in the fight. Let the tank grab the threat early so that the Matriarch’s Brutal chomp deals big damage to only the tank, and her Furious roar damage buff stacks only against the tank. everyone should spread out to avoid the areaeffect radius of Dizzying Winds. The ranged DPSers and healers should be at maximum distance and apart from each other. 

Melee should be at max weapons range and spread out as much as possible. HoTs on the raid will help mitigate damage. remember: if you’re the main tank healer, never heal another player unless there are HoTs on the tank.

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