Boss Rank: 40

Races: High Elf & Dark Elf
Location: Saphery (48000,61000)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Lady Grimgyre
Boss Abilities: Scintillating Explosion (PBAoE Spirit damage with AP damage); Luminescent Blast (Spirit DD); Aural Shriek (5 sec Hex stun); Dark Fury (Frontal Cone, Physical damage)
Lair Recommendations:Ranged DPS is very useful because close-quarters fight might be difficult for multiple melee DPSers.

Party Strategy

The lair holds a lot of mobs before reaching the lair boss herself, Lady Grimgyre. Battle through the harpies and sprites that guard the outer courtyard and steps leading down to the final chamber. Each fight is a “tank and spank” battle, which means you should let the tank grab each monster’s threat, then pile on the damage and heals.

Once Lady Grimgyre’s harpy guards have been downed, the tank should charge in and grab aggro. If you are the tank, position Lady Grimgyre so her back is to everyone else. It’s tight quarters in the final chamber, so melee DPSers should try to get behind the boss, if possible. Ranged DPSers may work better because they can strike from anywhere in the chamber.

Watch out for Aural Shriek. The tank should be the person getting stunned. But when the tank is stunned, no new threat is being generated. Everyone needs to be aware of when the tank is stunned and back off their attacks for those five seconds. Let the tank get back in action and then engage again.

At about 20 to 30 percent of her health, Lady Grimgyre will transform into a harpy. She deals more damage in this form, so make sure healers are in top form to protect the tank in the final few seconds of the fight.

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