Boss Rank: 40

Races: Dwarf & greenskin
Location: Kadrin Valley, inside RvR zone (2847, 31583)
Door Puzzle: Yes
Boss: Kyreia Sek, the Fleshrender
Boss Abilities: Heavy Strike (DD, Physical); Hush (Stuns target for 3 seconds)
Lair Recommendations: Bring an off-tank to pick up boss if main tank gets stunned.

Party Strategy

Proceed into the lair and spot Kyreia Sek on the far left side of the open cavern.

Kyreia is a Rank 40 melee-type hero with dual mutated sword arms. Her embrace will leave you with no flesh, as her razor sharp arms strip it from your body.

Her Heavy Strike will hit a cloth wearer for approximately 1,500 health, while her disabling swing makes it hard for tanks to hold aggro. Make sure the tank takes these hits. Not only are they dangerous to less defensive party members, but they can build up threat quickly on another teammate, increasing the difficulty of the tank regaining the aggro. Any healers will be busy keeping the tank up, because she hits for approximately 800–1,000 health even against a wellarmored tank.

To engage Fleshrender, have everyone stand in the tunnel until the tank has built up some hate, then swarm her. Watch out for her Hush attack, which stuns a target for three seconds. The tank should be the person getting stunned. If the tank does get stunned, no new threat should be generated. Everyone needs to be aware of when the tank is stunned and back off their attacks for those precious seconds. Let the tank get back in action and then engage again. It’ll be a DPS race, so flail away as quickly as you can. Drop her before she drops you.

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