Boss Rank: 11

Races: Dwarfs & Greenskins
Ekrund, inside RvR zone (61258, 1638)
Door Puzzle:
Renatta Betz, the Bandit Queen
Boss Abilities:
Banshee Wail (Aoe draining 8 AP/sec)
Lair recommendations:
Bring off-tank and second healer

Party Strategy

Open the lair door with the Bloody Key and enter the cavern. 

The Bandit Queen, renatta Betz, roams the center of the cavern and will attack as you draw close. Have your tank engage and hold aggro. 

Watch out for her Banshee Wail, which drains you of 8 action points per second. When dealing with an area-effect attack like Banshee Wail, try to stay out of range of the attack. ranged DPSers should be at their maximum range in the hope of avoiding it entirely. Melee, by nature of their role, must be in close. Healers should also work from maximum spell range. 

She hits hard too, so use the gap in the near wall if the tank needs a breather while the healer supplies more health. If melee gets critically low on health and a potion isn’t available, the melee should step out of range of the Aoe until a healer can get a heal off, then reengage. 

Pour on the damage from all your DPS careers. your tank, with healer support, should be able to hold the Bandit Queen’s attention long enough to finish the deal…if you’re fast enough.

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