Siege weapons can be bought from your realm’s Foreman, located underneath the outer oil deploy point for the keep. A siege weapon need only be bought once; it acts as a requisitioning tool, asking your realm to deliver the weapon in question for you.





In order to deploy a siege weapon, the following conditions must be satisfied:

You are within a certain radius of an allied keep.

The keep has a weapon of that type in reserve for you to use. The cap and rate of delivery for siege weapons varies with keep rank.

All siege weapons except oil are movable – either by towing (wheeled) or by carrying (tripod / static). To tow or carry a siege weapon, mount and then right-click it. To deploy it, dismount and then right-click it while on foot.

While towing a siege weapon, you will move more slowly, but you cannot be dismounted.

Types of Siege Weapons


Cannons inflict high damage to players and to other siege weapons. They inflict minor damage to doors. They come in two types: single target and line-attack. The Dwarf and Chaos cannons are purely single target, but inflict double damage. The other four cannons and ballistae perform a line attack, striking all targets along the cannon’s shot vector.


The damage of an artillery weapon increases the more enemies are concentrated around the spot at which it is fired. Artillery weapons inflict a stacking snare (suppression/pin) if enough targets are in the area, and the effectiveness of this snare increases further if the density of players is exceptional.

Artillery weapons cannot hit a target if there is no arc of effect to the target. You must be able to see the attack spot or have an arc of effect to it to fire.


Rams are the only real means of destroying a door, dealing damage equal to 2.5% of the door’s hit points per full swing. A ram must be towed to the enemy keep door, and will automatically align itself when deployed within range.

Rams block player ranged fire and are resistant to artillery, and when deployed, cannon fire as well. They are weak against melee attacks, especially those dealt from great weapons. A ram which is on the move will also suffer more damage from cannon fire.

In order to deploy a ram, you must be in a guild. If in Tier 4, your guild must be at least Rank 20.


Oil performs in the same manner it did on Age of Reckoning.

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