Controlling Battlefield Objectives causes supplies to be delivered there for your realm. The supply regeneration state of a Battlefield Objective is indicated on the RvR tracker by an outline.


The lock timer for a Battlefield Objective depends upon the current population levels and the relative population between the realms. An outnumbered realm has shorter lock timers. If the population is high, lock timers decrease.

Supply Line / Active Pairing

Under this system, only one pairing in a tier will receive supply deliveries. This pairing is the active pairing and is displayed to players on login and when it is determined. To mark a pairing as active, two Battlefield Objectives must be captured. When this happens, the remaining objectives are divided such that each realm holds two objectives, and the objectives will lock for 10 minutes. Supplies will then spawn.

A pairing remains the active pairing until it experiences a zone lock, at which point the next pairing can be determined in the same manner.


Supplies may be returned to the keep (or to the return flag outside the war camp in T4) in order to rank it up. Players pick up supplies from Battlefield Objectives by interacting with them. While carrying supplies, players are indicated by a realm – coloured beam of light.

The value of supplies depends upon the following factors:

Rank of the keep.

Number of players present in the area, to a limit which depends on the current keep rank. The more players are present, the more deliveries are worth.

The internal population imbalance scaler (referred to as internal or delayed AAO.)

Distance of the host Battlefield Objective from the target. Supplies from further away are worth more.

Destination. Supplies returned via the war camp have a 35% transportation penalty.

It is permitted to mount while carrying supplies. However, taking supplies out of the RvR area will result in a warning, and the supplies will decay if they are held for too long outside of the area.

Supplies can be dropped when a player is attacked. The base chance to drop supplies is 50%. This value is reduced by 25% if you are Guarded, and is further reduced by 5% for every group member within 100 feet of you. A 6 man group with a Guarded carrier will therefore not drop supplies when hit. A player may interact with dropped supplies to steal them, becoming the new carrier. If dropped supplies are not claimed quickly enough, they will decay.

When supplies decay or are returned, fresh supplies will be available at the Battlefield Objective in 2 minutes.

A player and his group will be rewarded with XP, Renown and Medallions upon delivering supplies. The value is based upon the value of the supplies, and is constant for every group member: a solo player, members of a 2 man group and members of a 6 man group will all receive the same reward.


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