Stage 1

When a city battle begins, both Realms will enter into a gated area for 5 minutes in order to allow both Realms to gather reinforcements. Destruction may roam the city and organise defences whilst Order prepare at the city gates. Once the 5 minutes are up Order will be able to swarm into the city and begin their assault. Order will have 15 minutes to take an objective, each objective captured will had 5 minutes onto the timer up to a maximum of 45 minutes. Order will be required to capture Slaanesh chambers or Khorne War Quarters before being able to capture the Emissary of the Changer. Once Order have captured the Emissary of the Changer they will be able to capture the remaining objectives: The Lyceum, The Temple of the Damned and The Outcrop. In order to capture a battle objective you must first destroy each of the three siege weapons that protect it.

The Outcrop & The Cannoneers

Once Order have captured The Outcrop after a period of time Cannoneers will spawn and start running towards the city gates where they will operate the cannons which destroy the palace door. If a Cannoneer is killed he will respawn at The Outcrop after a period of time and run again to operate his cannon. This is arguably the most valuable objective as it will do the most damage to the palace door.

The Lyceum & The Sun Dragon

Once Order have captured The Lyceum the Sun Dragon will appear inside of the lyceum. If Order can gather 6 players and perform a ritual The Sun Dragons will fight for them. He will fly from the outside of the lyceum towards the palace door and destroy it. He must be defended otherwise he will need to be summoned from the lyceum.

Winning Condition

The round is won by order if they can defend their palace door until the timer runs out. Order need to destroy the palace door before the timer runs out. Contribution is awarded per player for their activities in the stage. Killing or being near an enemy player in range when they are killed will add contribution. Additionally, killing siege weapons, summoning The Sun Dragon, capturing an objective, burning or extinguishing things within the city, etc. You do not necessarily have to be the person to complete the action to be able to gain contribution. At the end of stage 1 the chests will be located at the respawn points where the rewards can be collected. Use the Recall granted ability to quickly teleport there, otherwise you will automatically be teleported there 30 seconds before the next round.

Stage 2

In Stage 2 your realms Lords will be sent out to assist in battle. The Destruction Lords will attempt to recapture lost battle objectives from the first round. You must escort these lords to the opposite side of the map in order to be victorious. If your Lords are both defeated, you can still prevent the enemy realm from winning be defeating their lords before they reach the end. The Lords will engage in combat only with another lord; however they will not do damage to one another and require assistance from players. The winner of this stage determines where Stage 3 will take place. If Destruction win the battle will take place towards the entrance of the city, but if Order win the battle will take place in the Palace. You will have 30 minutes to complete this round.

Stage 3

This stage will last 30 minutes, and you must defeat the enemy King. This is the final stage of the 100% RvR-driven city. Depending on which Realm won the previous Stage, this final battle may occur at one of two locations: If Destruction win the battle will take place towards the entrance of the city, but if Order win the battle will take place in the Palace. Once this Stage begins, all players will be called to the side of their Realm leader (e.g. teleported) and given a brief period to recover from the disorienting effects of teleportation as well as observe the role-play event of their Realm leader. During this role-play event, each Realm leader will select four players and declare them his Champions. Both Kings will be completely immune to all hostile effects so long as any of their respective Champions are alive. In addition, while Control Points are no longer able to be captured in this Stage, each Control Point owned by a Realm provides the following additive bonuses to all players of the Realm (including those chosen as Champions):

– Damage Dealt increased by 2%

– Healing Done increased by 2%

Once the final Champion of a Realm dies, his or her allied King will become vulnerable to damage. Defeating the enemy King results in a win.

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