Things are getting better and better and at the same time stay the same. However the scales tilt slowly towards better. At this point according to stream we have played 55 hours of FF14 and we have made it to level 53.


Here are some of the things I did not like in this game / session:

I am getting used to the game, traveling, no voice acting cut scenes etc.. and the game starts to feel “normal”. So a lot of the previous “complains” are gone. The only thing I can report is that at level 52 the leveling is slow due to the fact that there is a story cap and needs to be filled. This cap is filled with many many quest of talking to NPCs.


Here are some of the things I did like in this game / session:

Finished the the original game and now I can fly.

Moving around the map is easier and making questing faster. .

Gained a new mechanical mount Magitek armor mount.

More dungeons and raids unlock some in hard mode. Although the hard mode made me feel good. It was not that hard due to the fact that i am over geared. This can give to someone a sense of easy / boring, but not me .

Thanks to my friends i have unlocked a 24 man raid that i would not have otherwise since it is part of the side quests which we avoid and stick to the MSQ( Main Story Quests).

All dungeons need me to actually heal and DPS. I am now playing the character.

Also started a new Job (Class) and it feels nice to have another class. No need to relog 🙂


The 24 man raid we unlocked it has 3 parts and now we need to do some more quests to unlock them. I am excited to carry on and do them with my friends in the upcoming session(s). The rating for the game now is climbing but we are not there yet I think so after 55 hours I will give it now a 6/10. We still have 38 levels to go though. See you in the next session.




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