This is a record of two sessions together that is the reason for the 14 levels. This was also the best session so far. Finally I can see how PVE can be fun in this game.


Here are some of the things I did not like in this game / session:

Still not liking the small amount of voice acting cut scenes but we can remove the easy dungeons from this list. Things are getting interesting now…


Here are some of the things I did like in this game / session:

  • Community continuous to show the its nice face even after 4 wipes on a level 41 dungeon.
  • New level 41 dungeon finally made me feel like a healer, stressed me, forced me to double check my skills, start using combos and buffs to keep up.
  • Map movement is a piece of cake now.
  • Discovered and looking forward with anticipation the other classes that I would like to try out after we level up our first character to 90 (max level) – all other healers, machinist and warrior tank.

It seems that the people that were saying that the game gets better at mid level they were right and I am glad that I did listen to them. Join me on this ever bettering journey.  I cant wait for the next gaming session!

PS: If you are starting now the game and you are reading this… keep leveling I promise it does get better, much better if you like PVE !

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