This session was a good one. I am starting to feel more comfortable with the game. So I will keep this post sort and to the point.

Here are some of the things I did not like in this game / session:

The same apply as the last two posts noting has changed on this front. Same, no voice acting, boring quests, easy dungeons etc.

Here are some of the things I did like in this game / session:

  • Community is starting to shine. Asking if you are ok with pulling a certain amount of mobs in a dungeon? since when.. amazing.. asking a healer what pressure he is comfortable with? 1000% like!!
  • Moving around the map now that i have points and Eliannoula explained it to me .. amazing.
  • Getting a mount that it can carry items and level up to fight along side you. This feature brought back Ultima Online memories and just made me want to play more see what else is there.

Now I am ready to move further in to the game. This mount feature really kicked in with new excitement and curiosity. Hope to see you all on the next session.

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