On the second session on our twitch stream we played for five hours and we’ve managed to reach the level of 28. This time we skipped all the dialogs and all the cut scenes that did not have in game voice acting. We did this for two reasons:

  • To save time as I felt that the game was dragging too long
  • The TTS voice was getting annoying after a while.

In this session compared to the previous one not much changed, despite the fact that we did a few new things such as dungeons. Yes dungeons, plural, in fact 3. Level 15, 16, 17 respectively.

Here are some of the things I did not like in this game / session: 

  • Still trying to figure out the map… Eli will explain next session.. remaining hopeful
  • The quests are still boring, having a lot to read and be simple delivery quests from one NPC to the next NPC.
  • 2 New spells in 11 levels…. speechless
  • Traveling around in such a huge map feel very time consuming and slow.
  • Dungeons were very simple, very fast, and thus boring. Only got interesting as a 2 spell healer when the tank was pulling 10-14 mobs  and i had to spam my 1 heal on it.
  • Some voice acting cut scenes were toooo long. Yes it feels strange that it has almost no active voice cut scenes and when there is one is OMG… long.
  • Some cut scenes also had acting voice only half way through the rest i had to read or skip.
  • Sale items was a pain.. so far… (will check again) you have to click and drag every item.
  • Item comparison if not easy. Right click > Compare> Close window>Right click >Equip for ever item u want to check.

Here are some of the things I did like in this game / session:


  • Trying out the dungeons, was a breeze of new air – even if short lived.
  • Finally got more teleport points and porters – now it was fast and easy to move around. BUT not there yet. Still missing a lot but it felt good for some quests.
  • Dungeon finder was good…
  • Almost instant pop as a healer
  • Polite people. Every dungeons people said hello and when Dutch DCed they waited with no complains.
  • getting a pet.. was nice

Next session I believe we will get a mount and we will pick our job as a white mage.. hoping for more spells and abilities to play and test as well as a better dungeon.

Last session i gave this game a 4/10 my rating for this session will go up to 5/10 just for the pet and dungeon.. still low for an MMORPG but lets not forget that apparently FF14 Shines at the end game.. so far we are at 1/3 of the way there….

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