Playing Final Fantasy 14 for the first time and I thought that it would be a good idea to record my journey through this game in a small series of Articles here in Patreon for you guys.

On the first session on our twitch stream we played for six hours and we’ve managed to reach the level of 17. I know that some of you level 17 in 6 hours may seem a little bit slow but, we have read every single Quest dialogue, we have seen every single cutscene, we did not keep anything.

We did not skip anything because my mods and friends on the stream said that the best part of this game is its actual story and the storytelling so we gave it a try.  For this journey in Final Fantasy 14 we have chosen to play a healer.

Here are some of the things I did not like in this game so far:

  • The UI configuration could be a little bit better and more flexible
  • The quest dialogues have no audio and you have to read everything
  • Reading everything can make the game feel boring and empty
  • Acquiring a new spell every three to four levels also makes the game feel slow and give you the Sensation that you don’t make any progression
  • I found the map in the world map a little bit confusing but I’m sure it’s going to get better once I get used to the way it works

Here are some of the things I did like in this game so far:

  • The story is indeed interesting at least to this point and I’m pretty sure that way it looks is going to get even better
  • I like the graphics of the game and the animations and the movement of the characters
  • The world also look good
  • The way the game eases you into the game mechanics and how do you use your skills it’s like doing it tutorial without doing a tutorial

I’m looking forward to our next twitch session to progress our character even further to reach quest level 16 to try some dungeons and see some more of the  bad and good features of the game.

So far I give it a 4/10…

Extras that made my gaming experience better:

This launcher  that made possible to have TTS for the quests made the game much more fun and the story a lot easier to follow.

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