After playing the game for 1500 hours,  5 months down the line it was time for me to stop playing this game. Most of you might wonder why a player like me that spends half a day every day since launch playing this game all the sudden in one day says enough is enough – I’m done with this game.

To tell you why I quit this game I have to first to tell you a story about who I am and what I’ve done in this game so you will have an idea that the information below are from a person that actually has played the game and not somebody that  is negative about this game.  I really do love this game, I do believe it has a good infrastructure; it has a good idea on the background but implementation is the worst I have seen in 20 years of myself playing games.

In the game, I have done everything there is to do be done.  I have every single gathering profession to 200,  every single crafting profession to 200,  every single refining profession to 200,  and fishing which is my hubby to 187. Completed nearly 70% all all in game achievements and 50% of my gear is Best in slot.  I have participated in numerous invasions, several Wars, hundreds and hundreds of outpost rushes.  I have taken part in hundreds of expeditions  and have completed mutated dungeons up to level seven due to the lack of population when I was doing the specific content.

When the game launched on the 28th of September we all knew that it was going to have a lot of problems and a lot of bugs.  However I could never imagine when we talked about a lot of bugs that we talked about tens of thousands of bugs.  When the game launched it was nowhere near lunch ready and  we have said and talked about this on the stream with a lot of people that with the list they show us on the closing of beta,  there was no way they’re going to have all those bugs fixed by the lunch date and we were correct.

Now on February 2022 after five months of gameplay and 1,500 hours my patience has run out.  From 1 million players  the game went down to 30,000 players  at best,  with 68 servers which have from three people all the way up to three and a half thousand people.

A server with three people is unplayable as well as a server that has anything less than 100 people throughout  the day is also unplayable while in the same time you have servers that simply cannot login because you have 5 hours of Queue with  3,500 people and you are stuck on those servers if you used your transfer token. This is a mistake from a AGS which did not lock the server on time and now is overpopulated.

People that moved to new servers and used their last transfer token they are stuck and they have no way out.  On top of that, they have merged several servers and worlds together but not all of them, leaving people to move wherever they want with tokens.  The tokens were distributed to everybody in one weeks time, which caused a bit of a mayhem because people start leaving the service to go to more populated servers as soon as they go their tokens while their friends were waiting for the tokens and when the servers were locked people we left behind.  This might have been avoided and a had been a lot easier if they just merged the all the servers and be done with it.

Furthermore, now that I moved to a new server that picks about 1,200 people  I was expecting to find people that it’s going to be active, doing dungeons do more PvP, wars and a lot more things to keep me interested throughout my 10 to 12 hour game  play.  Instead of that, I found more lag,  people sitting around only to queue for Outpost Rush,  a market that has the same prices as a server with 100 people (high),  which indicates to me that if everyone is just sitting around to do Outpost Rush, most of the materials on the trading post comes from farming bots.  The bots is a big problem in this game and I don’t see them coming out of the game anytime soon. It’s not enough that you have to compete with other players for the resources you also have to compete with hundreds and hundreds of bots.

Finally people are exploiting every single aspect of this broken game in order to gain an advantage and the thing that I experienced in one day on the more populated server where people were blaming you for playing the game properly and not exploiting to respawn a boss twice or going to Outpost Rush with the speed hack for the whole day made the game feel very sour after all these hours and forced me to just say enough is enough.

Here is my top 20 picks of the  known issues in February 2022 after the big patch  that was launched today named “Bugs, Bots & Fixes” that has more weapon balances and PvP changes than actually has bugs and fixes.

These are just the ones that I picked from the 247  issues from the updated thread on the forums ” known issues –  February monthly release 2022″  for the full list you can click the link:

                                                 Should you play this game?

  • If you would like to farm craft build and spend some time after work definitely play this game, the bugs will not affect you so much  and the game can be a lot of fun just make sure that you treated as an offline crafting, building, gathering, game not an MMORPG.
  • If you are in for the PVP itself,  then you might want to consider taking a  look at another game.   Outpost Rush is lagy, for most people, the server stability is not the best I have seen in a game, there is virtually no open world PvP because people just don’t do it.
  • If you’re interested in PVE running Quest doing achievements, running dungeons, you also might want to have a look on another game simply because they’re only 6 dungeons from which only are 3nd game and you will run endlessly the last 3 in normal mode and mutated mode, over and over again.  Maybe in future releases there will be more dungeons but I wouldn’t expect more than one dungeon every four to five months.

Finally I would like to say that they said in one of their video updates that they are not responding as fast as we want them but as fast as they can,  which is fair enough, however it’s not a matter of them responding as fast as we want.  It is a matter of them responding as fast as the game needs in order to survive.  There is one Outpost Rush map for the last 5 months and most likely is going to be the same one for the next 5 months.  No matter how much you like PVP, there is  still a limit to how many times you can play the same map over a year.

So bottom line  is, that  this game has a good idea it could be great but in 2022 and possibly until 2025 until they fix all the bugs and problems since in every patch they fix one problem and they create 2-3 new ones. Balance the game out and improve the service stability, the lag, the desync add more PVE content such as dungeons, quests, achievements,  world bosses and of course do more for the PVP improving the performance, weapon swapping, class balancing, and have more maps for instance  PVP. This game will have to go on  stand by for me until more the those things are addressed in depth.

I will be checking in on it when I can and see how things are going and maybe we’ll pick it up and start streaming it again.  I do not regret spending 1500 hours in this game it was great fun but my patience about bugs, delays, repeatable content and unfortunately a degrading community which is getting more toxic by the day because they have nothing else to do except sit around complaining and be toxic I have to take a break.

Let’s hope that the game will have a future even if the population is down to 10,000 people in a few servers but at least to be a playable, enjoyable, stable game.

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