Corepunk Alpha test 3 has been concluded. We have 1 week to test the game to see what is happening as far as the development goes. It was a good week and I got to test more things from last time that the test was cut short. Let’s have a look at how things stand after this test. 

Things we saw during the test:

  • A beautiful vibrant world. 
  • Atmospheric weather effects enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Great music while playing
  • Good skills and visual effects. 
  • Fully working classes and builds up to level 15. 
  • Professions ( Crafting and gathering) . All professions are good and easy to level. 
  • Old style MMORPG quests :
            1. No auto path
            2. No map markers
            3. No circle areas on the map
  • New feature like the ability to place markers on the map
  • Interesting quest connection and long term quests. 
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Amazing NPC characters with great punchlines. 

Things we did not see in Alpha  3: 

  • Dungeons
  • World Bosses
  • Puzzles
  • Trading posts
  • Anomalies
  • Arenas
  • Battlegrounds

Things i would like to see: 

(Keeping in mind this is Alpha phase)

  • Automatic health and mana regeneration.
  • Better healing effects of campfires and food items so that they don’t feel  like it takes forever to heal. 
  • Combat could be more engaging with minor adjustments to make hits and abilities feel more impactful.
  • Experience gained from killing mobs should be increased to make the gameplay more rewarding.
  • Quest objectives could be clearer without spoon-feeding answers to players. A compass with direction could help. Ex: find blue bottles south west of goldenfield town. 
  • The game could use a higher density of mobs for a more engaging experience, or faster respawn rates. 
  • Cancelling a gathering animation should not result in resource loss.
  • The chat system lacks warning lights when you receive a message in a specific chat.
  • Gathering speeds felt slow even at max level. 1-2 sec faster would make it feel better and the same goes for the crafting. Taking 3-4 seconds per craft seems like an eternity when you have 20-30 items to make. 


Corepunk has a great future if they keep going in this direction. However this will not be a gain for younger generations. The style of this MMORPG is like the old MOORPG’s from the 2004 area or older. What does that mean?

It means that the game will not take you by the hand to show you where to go and what to do. You will have to read quests, explore the map for a long time to find what you are looking for. This makes progression slow. 

Originally I thought it was slow. Once I figured out how to play the game, things became faster. Especially after level 5 with more skills in the bag. 

Newer players might have serious issues ( 12-25 years old) adjusting to this playstyle and speed. Most common question in global chat ( Just for you to get an idea) 

  • Where do I get wolf skins? ( Really? wolves?)
  • Where can I get wood? (OMG?)
  • How do I do mine? (I mean come on!)

Nevertheless for those that can answer the above simple questions will be a nice game to invest time and enjoy both PVE and PVP aspects of the game. In PVE on death you drop 1 random item from the inventory or stack and in PVP depending on area up to 5 items. This is not a full loot PVP but you drop things. 

As far as Alpha testing goes that was a great Alpha- It could have been Early Access if the game was more complete. I give it a 7/10 since i enjoyed it so much. I hope that the game will only get better in beta and not worst like some other games. 

For future reference if anyone wants to play this game here are some links for you

Corepunk Official 

Corepunkers. com

Review Of Corepunk Alpha 3 Test - July 2024

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A section of the Twitch Livestream where i expressed my opinion about the Test. What we seen in this test, what was missing / not ...
released yet. People's feelings from the conversations we have while streaming. Hopes and ideas for the future.

** Please keep in mind this is an Alpha and not all features are released. Improvements and changes are bound to happen.**

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