Tarisland, the fantasy MMORPG that took Asia by storm, has finally arrived on European shores! It boasts a vibrant world, exciting combat, and a streamlined approach to the genre. But is this paradise an illusion, veiled by microtransactions? Let’s raise the anchor and see what awaits.

Reasons to Set Sail for Tarisland:

  • A Feast for the Eyes: Tarisland’s world is breath-taking. From lush forests to shimmering coastlines, the developers have crafted a visually stunning experience that holds its own against the competition. This beauty translates seamlessly between PC and Mobile versions, ensuring a gorgeous adventure regardless of platform.
  • Combat with a Kick: The combat system is praised for being responsive and engaging. It offers a good balance between accessibility and depth, with a variety of classes and specializations to choose from. Whether you prefer unleashing powerful spells as a Mage or weaving intricate combos as a Rogue, Tarisland has a playstyle for you.
  • Theme Park for Everyone: If you’re looking for a casual MMO experience, Tarisland delivers. The streamlined approach keeps things moving without overwhelming players with complex systems. Built-in features like a DPS meter and boss mods further enhance the user-friendly experience for both veterans and newcomers alike.
  • A World Steeped in Lore: While quests can be linear at times, the overall story is surprisingly captivating. The rich lore and intriguing characters will keep you invested in the world and its unfolding narrative.

Reasons to Consider Other Horizons:

  • Monetization Murky Waters: Tarisland’s biggest drawback is its aggressive monetization system. Despite initial promises of a fair model, the game heavily relies on microtransactions, particularly on PC. This approach feels intrusive and out of place compared to the typical subscription model many European MMO players are accustomed to.
  • Limited Character Creation: While the classes themselves offer variety, character creation is a bit shallow. Players who crave in-depth customization options might be disappointed with the limited choices available.
  • Endgame Grind Sets In: Once you reach the endgame, Tarisland can feel repetitive. While dungeons, raids, and crafting offer activities, some might find the loop less engaging after the initial excitement wears off.
  • Cross Platform: Tarisland, is also a mobile phone cross platform game which means that the PC user will have limited customisation options in regards to key binds and more.
  • Time Gated Content: The gamers that love to play many hours might not enjoy the game as most content is gated. You can only receive two rewards a day from PvP, word bosses, dungeons etc. After doing one run in most parts of the content you are “forced” to come and play the next day. This includes levelling up stops.
    • Day 1 – level 20 as max level.
    • Day 2 – level 34 as max level.
    • Day 3 – level 38 as max level and
    • Day 4 – level 40 as max level.

Critical Reception:

  • MMORPG.com: 7/10 (“A beautiful world with fun combat, but the monetization scheme sours the experience.”)
  • Eurogamer: 6.5/10 (“A decent entry-level MMO, but European players might find better value elsewhere.”)
  • FixxerTV: 4/10 (“A two weeks gameplay at best. Mobile cross platform never works well for the pc user”)

Platforms and Availability:

Tarisland is playable on both PC and Mobile devices. You can purchase it through the official Tarisland website or major digital storefronts like Steam and the App Store.

Conclusion: A Paradise with a Price

Tarisland offers a visually stunning and beginner-friendly MMO experience with engaging combat and a captivating story. However, the aggressive monetization, especially on PC, throws a bucket of cold water on the experience. If you’re a new player in Europe looking for a beautiful world to explore and don’t mind the microtransactions, Tarisland might be worth a try. But for MMO veterans or those turned off by intrusive monetization and gated content, it might be best to wait for a significant change or look elsewhere for your next adventure.

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