If you want to level up fast in Diablo 4 you’ll want to play the game in a certain way. Here’s the tips I learned while trying to powerlevel in Diablo 4, as I worked quickly to level 50 and beyond. Regardless of whether you’re trying to reach the the Diablo 4 max level or looking for quick XP.

There are a few things to do while leveling, and following these steps will make Diablo 4 all the more enjoyable – regardless of whether you’re playing with friends or running solo. So keep reading to find our best tips on how to level up fast in Diablo 4.  Keeping the list short and to the point with this do to list.

  • Complete the main campaign.
  • Kill everything you see in sight.
  • Activate Obelisks for extra XP.
  • Take side quests while exploring for that extra XP.
  • Raise the World Tier as soon as you can – or when you feel confortable with it.
  • Map completion (exploration, shriens, portals) reward you with EXP,paragon points, skil points and more.
  • Play Co-op when you can for that extra 5% XP.
  • Don’t miss world events sicne they award massive XP gains.
  • Complete Strongholds for an XP boost.
  • Earn renown rewards for extra XP. (Find all lilith shrines) Map
  • Grind dungeons solo or with friends (Normal & Nightmare).
  • Utilise the Fast travel system to speed things up.
  • Dont forget to refresh your elixir which give you 5% XP.

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