Diablo 4 launched on July 7th 2023 and it took the World by surprise. Diablo 4 continues the legacy of the Diablo series. Diablo 4 is a very fun game to play and enjoy the Diablo universe, however the question remains whether someone should play Diablo 4 in 2023 or not. In this article I have decided that it is better if you guys decide whether you should play Diablo 4 or not in 2023. So I will list the things that I found that I liked about Diablo 4 and the things that I did not like in Diablo 4 while playing it for almost a month. 

Let’s start with the things that I loved in Diablo 4:  

  • An amazing world worthy of a prize in 2023
  • An amazing storyline to follow, captivating and hard to click off.
  • Very nice graphics and character customization.
  • Enough classes to play with and very versatile builds for every class to enjoy.
  • And addictive gameplay that someone would expect in a Diablo game.


Now let’s see the list of things that we did not like in Diablo 4 unfortunately:

  • Problems with login.
  • While playing the game lag and rubberbanding happening all the time.
  • Visiting a city lags the game out because you have to load the entire inventory of another player.
  • Unbalanced classes forcing you to play only one class or two.
  • Repetitive gameplay to the point that it becomes tedious and boring especially at the end game.
  • Lack of space in your inventory to keep several different pieces of gear to experiment with different builds, forcing you to create mule characters or start a new one to have space for the gear you require on its person.
  • A rare item can be better than a legendary item After it has been upgraded or even a unique item forcing the players to check every single item among hundreds and thousands of items that you loot in order to find the best one to wear. This practice is very time consuming and takes a lot of the fun out of the game.
  • The drop rate of legendary items or unique items is very low and even when they do drop there is no guarantee it’s going to be a better item power  wise than the one you currently have even if you’re doing a much much higher tier content.  The randomness of the gear drop can become very annoying especially when you kill a world boss or a dungeon boss and you still get something lower than what you currently have.
  • Some classes in the corn season (season 1)  they have the ability to solo World bosses and the ability to One Tap dungeon bosses. This for me shows how broken a game can be regarding the mechanics and the balance of the different classes.
  • PVP is non-existent. There are PVP maps but almost no one is there even when the XP is a lot more than a  non PVP area. The reason for this is that there is no class balance regarding PVP and even a player which is two levels higher than you can kill you. On top of that there is no crowd control immunity and even when you have not flagged yourself for PVP those that have flagged themselves and kill you. furthermore people rewards and mainly cosmetics and PVP consumables such as health potions damage reduction Etc not giving you enough to chase in a PVP environment.Diablo 3 had some very good PVP mechanics which on furniture and play did not move over to Diablo 4 the same goes for Diablo Immortals.
  •  final Point survivability Mobility burst and damage output of the different classes in the game is unbalanced making some classes on playable or extremely hard to play and some other classes very easy to the point of becoming boring.

These are the points I liked and I didn’t like on Diablo 4 so far in almost a month of gameplay for me it is a game that the Diablo universe fan will keep on playing the game level all the classes up to 100 try and push the nightmare dungeons as high as possible in a casual kind of way. beyond that the Eternal realm will apparently have no more updates so you are going to be forced to keep playing the seasonal updates that are coming out every 4 months.  the seasonal content is something that will not be saved and transferred to the Eternal alarm so you can enjoy it on your own time but as soon as decision is done anything that is seasonal such as aspects or any new gems will be removed from the game and you will have to start a new character on the new season as it happens in many games.

This mechanic of Seasons that finishes and you lose all your hard work is something that doesn’t go well with me.  when I play a game I like to invest my time and when I love the game I invest a lot of time and when I get a gear set and item that is hard to get or a title I wanted to mean something and I wanted to stay so at some point somebody that will review my character or have a chat with me will say oh you have that.  with this mechanic all your hard work goes to the bin every 4 months and then you have to restart. on top of that I love my characters and I really don’t like deleting characters but there is only room for 10 characters on your roster currently so if you go through five characters to try out the classes and then you do a couple of Seasons you going to have to start deleting and merging the same classes as I came out of a season comparing gear putting them all in one character and so on and so forth. Also playing seasonal type of game at the pace that we start happening and the difficulty and the XP levelling the way it is right now I am not certain if a casual player that has a job will ever experience the end game and by endgame I don’t mean reach level 100 into a couple of dungeons I mean Rich level 100 get some of the best gear in the game and try some of the top tier dungeons for a certain amount of time that would feel enjoyable and rewarding.

In a recent update from the development team from the Diablo IV they are looking into balancing the classes making the squishy classes a little bit more survivable also fixing some issues with some of the class mechanics trying to improve several different builds so they are more viable in the game.  working on improving performance, reducing rubber banding and lag issues.  reworking a few things to make some classes go along the lore a lot better such as the Necromancer will be able to use the pets because at this point the best build for a necromancer is without the pets taking the whole character out of  his lore place. 

The bottom line is that despite the heavily outnumbered negative things I have to say about Diablo 4 I still believe that Diablo 4 is a fun game to play casually on your own time on your own pace without rushing for any seasonal content where you can have a lot of fun playing with your characters trying different builds and push the content on internal alarm as high as you can without stressing.  For casual players this is a very good game because it’s playable and will take a while to get to the end game while the team is working on improving and correcting some of the flaws in the classes as they are right now making the game even more fun in the future.  For a more hardcore player that likes to invest a lot of hours I think that they’ll probably finish the game in about 3 to 4 weeks and then they will have to reroll a new character and then another one and another one until the new season comes along.

I hope this information will help you decide whether you should or you should not play Diablo 4 in 2023 or if you should wait a little bit and see the updates and the changes and then jump into the game.

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