The build works but due to upcoming changes ( 01/08/2023) i am reviewing some changes to optimize this build…

This is a frost build with the main focus on Blizzard and Ice Shards supported by 4 defensive skills to keep us alive. I will linking a build and gear that i have currently at the time of the post. Will be updating the gear and aspects as the character progresses.

For this build you will not need any super rare aspects. At this point i can solo level 57 Sigils. It seems that i need some more gear to go higher or more patience.

This is a kitting and stand still build depending on the situation. Lets start with the skills!

The skill we will be using are:

Basic Skills:

Fire Bolt ->  Enhanced Fire Bolt (2 points)

Core Skills:

Ice Shards – >Enhanced Ice Shards ->Destructive Ice Shards (7 points)

Defensive Skills:

Flame Shield ( 1 point)

Teleport -> Enhanced Teleport -> Shimmering Teleport (3 points)

Ice Armor -> Enhanced Ice Armor  -> Mystical Armor (4 points)

Frost Nova -> Enhanced Frost Nova  -> Mystical Frost Nova (3 point)

Elemental Attunement (3 points)

Glass Cannon ( 3 points)


Precision Magic (3 points)

Align the Elements (1 point)

Mana Shield ( 3 points)

Protection ( 3 points)

Mastery Skills:

Icy Veil (1 point)

Snap Freeze (3 points)

Blizzard -> Enhanced Blizzard -> Wizard’s Blizzard (5 points)

Ultimate Skills:

Permafrost (3 points)

Icy Touch ( 3 points)

Frigid Breeze ( 3 Points)

Hoarfrost ( 3 points)

Key Passives:

Avalanche (1 Point)


Icy shards -> Icy shards automatically conjure and fly towards frozen targets.

Firebolt -> Direct damage from Skills applies up to an additional [x] % Burning damage over 8 seconds.


Aspect of Disobedience

Aspect of Snow guard

Aspect Inner Clam

Aspect of the Unwavering

Aspect of Fortune

Aspect of Frozen Memories

Aspect of Glacial Aspect

Aspect of Concentration

Aspect of Piercing Cold


Paragon points there are 225 points and we will split them up in the following boards in this order:

  1. Start with Adept Glyph ( 138.5 %  Mastery Skill Damage + 20% increased area )
  2. Enchantment Master with Enchanter Glyph ( 85.8 % non- physical damage + For each Skill equipped in your Enchantment Slots, gain 13% Resistance to that Skill’s element.)
  3. Ice Fall with Frostbite Glyph ( 160.4% damage to chilled enemies + Enemies deal 13% reduced damage to you for 5 seconds after they are no longer Frozen)
  4. Frigid Gate with Control Glyph (86.1 % damage to crowed controlled enemies + You deal 10%[x] increased damage to Slowed or Chilled enemies or, instead, 20%[x] increased damage to Stunned or Frozen enemies.)
  5. Burning Instinct with Flame feeder Glyph ( 97% to burning enemies + You deal 10%[x] increased direct damage to Burning enemies.)

There is room for improvement and twiking..

For those that like more stats…


  • Weapon Damage2,078
  • Weapon Speed1.20
  • Critical Strike Chance21.3%
  • Critical Strike Damage50.0%
  • Overpower Chance3.0%
  • Overpower Damage168.5%
  • Vulnerable Damage118.0%
  • Damage vs Elites32.0%
  • Damage vs Crowd Controlled109.4%
  • Damage vs Chilled265.4%
  • Damage vs Frozen20.3%
  • Damage vs Distant29.3%
  • Damage vs Injured42.0%
  • Damage vs Burning134.0%
  • Damage with Fire275.8%
  • Damage with Lightning275.8%
  • Damage with Cold534.2%
  • Damage with Poison275.8%
  • Damage with Shadow275.8%
  • Damage with Core27.7%
  • Thorns


  • Maximum Life9,319
  • Potion Capacity9
  • Lucky Hit Life1,180
  • Armor6,303
  • Armor Contribution50.0%
  • Dodge Chance12.7%
  • Dodge Chance Against Close Enemies11.3%
  • Barrier Bonus46.0%
  • Fire Resistance45.5%
  • Cold Resistance41.5%
  • Lightning Resistance45.5%
  • Poison Resistance45.5%
  • Shadow Resistance45.5%
  • Damage Reduction from Burning19.0%


  • Maximum Mana118
  • Mana Cost Reduction26.5%
  • Mana Regeneration11
  • Movement Speed100.0%
  • Cooldown Reduction36.3%
  • Lucky Hit Chance Bonus15.0%
  • Lucky Hit Chance with Barrier15.8%
  • Crowd Control Duration Bonus33.8%
  • Lucky Hit Mana32.3%

A bit of the game play…


The main idea is to clear as many enemies as you can with the blizzard and / or have it running on top of you and enemies and then burst them all or single target elite with the shards. Alternate between the two skills as needed.

You can use this to clear a room without entering it.

You can do events by flooding he room with blizzards.

You can kite with blizzard and burst with ice shards.

Here are some video with these situations.

You are not immortal – You still need to move, teleport, drink potions and use shields.

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