As in any game that we play, we are all prone into making mistakes. Diablo IV is no different. Games make it easy for players to make mistakes and some times to force a restart.  Here is a list of things you should be careful and try and avoid so that you dont regred it later on.

  • Don’t Skip the Cinematics since Diablo IV has a very good story and plot and you don’t  want to miss it.
  • Don’t Skip on Dungeons or Cellers. Both have good XP and chances to drop nice gear. On top of that; most unlock aspects to use on your gear that will make you more powerful. A dungeon may not hold an aspect for your current class but if you completed it the aspect is unlocked for when you start a new character.
  • Don’t Destroy items before checking them. Legendary + gear come with their own aspects. Make sure you check them to see if you have that ascpect unlocked and if it has good stats. Most aspects will have a roll like 5-10% to do something. Check the gear before you destroy them if they have a high roll to exptract it and use it later on.
  • The hammer icon (destroy) on items can be missleading. It means you can unlock a new look if you do detroy it.. however does not mean you should do it right now. It might be a good piece of gear to use now and break it later for the looks.
  • Don’t forget to repair your items – dying reduced durability of gear and thus your overall damage. This can make the game very difficult to play.
  • Don’t forget to Upgrade your gear at the blacksmith as soon as possible. It can make a big difference even at the early levels. Making the game feel more smooth. (After unlokcing it).
  • Green plus sign on gear does not mean its better than your current gear. You need to check the aspects and perks on the gear to make sure it is better. The green plus sign it usualy shows gear level and or armour value which are the top two on the list on the gear and not an overall number.

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