Location: Altdorf |Ranks: 40+ | Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 5 | Key Loot: Sentinel Armor and Weapons

The Skaven clan of the Warpblade has burrowed from unknown depths to lie waiting beneath the city of Altdorf. Man-made structures or foundations of layered rock and wooden supports give way to the Warpblade Tunnels, which are more organiclooking, with twists and turns. 

The tunnels are long, with clanrats and rat ogres acting as the physical muscle, while moulders practice their sorceries. Pipes, broken ladders, and unusable bridges furnish the walls, which are supported with wooden beams and archways throughout. The apparent leader of this magical clan of rat people, Grey Seer Quol’tik, lies at the end of the winding passageways.


  • Crushing Blow: This is a single target melee hit.
  • Slam: This is a frontal cone knockback and damage
  • Frightening Roar: This will drain all players AP within 250 radius.

Grey Seer Quol’tik

Warp Energy: This is a d ect da age bo t spell.

Defile Ground: This will cause the land a random player is on to become diseased. It will pulse PBAE damage for the next 45 seconds before it fades away.

Stage Mechanics

  • 90% : Once the grey seer crosses the 90% threshold for hit points he will begin to spawn Warped Growths.
  • Warped Growth: If a warped growth sits idle without a player interacting with it for too long, it will sprout into a Warped Tentacle.
  • Warped Tentacle: Warped Tentacles will randomly shoot globs of spit at people throughout the room.

Master Moulder Skror

Warp Healing: This is a Point Blank Area of Effect heal.

Skiv Redwarp

Skiv Blade Dance: This is a channelled  Point Blank Area of Effect that will do increasing damage each swing. Get out of his PBAe range when he does this.
Skiv Shadow Smoke: This will do a PBAE knockback and teleport Skiv to a random location in the room where he will be stealthed. He will then pick a random target and attempt to Shadow
Strike them.

Throwing Star: Every 5 seconds Skiv will use throwing stars that do AE damage and interrupt casting.

Shadow Strike: This is a very high damage from stealth.

Stage Mechanics

Attack from the Shadows: Ideally players wont see Skiv until he attacks from the Shadows. He will do a significant chunk of damage in his first attack.
Blade Dance: Every now and then Skiv will swing his blades around. When he does this get out of his way, do not stay in the AE.
Shadow Smoke: Every 20-30 seconds Skiv will throw down smoke bombs and clear his agro list, re-stealth, and teleport to a random part of the room to resume his attacks. (See attack from the Shadows)

Warlock Peenk

Warp Energy: This is a single target ranged nuke.
Warp Fusion: This infuses one player with Warp Energy. This energy will cause any nearby Warp Bomb to explode.
Warp Bombs: Warlock Peenk’s room is full of Warp Bombs. These will only explode if someone has the debuff “Warp Fusion” on them. If they explode they will do PBAE 2000 damage
and knock all players near it back.
Dropping Warp Bombs: Every 20 seconds in combat, Peenk will drop a new Warp Bomb. If these are triggered they will do 2000 damage and a knockback.


Return of Reckoning is constantly updated and to maintain its originality as well as to provided new challenges to the player. If some of the above information is changed please let us know to adjust it. We try and keep it as updated as possible!

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