Location: Altdorf | Ranks: 13–20 | Type: 6-Player, Instanced | Grade: 3 | Key Loot: Starter Gear

The Sewers beneath Altdorf are set up in three different sections, for low-, mid-, and high-ranked adventurers. The rotten flesh of zombies adds to the odorous passageways below, where clanrats skitter and man-eaters dwell. Corpses line the waterways, and fallen wizards talk to themselves, when not casting spells to thwart those foolish enough to enter these environs. Rat ogres, packmasters, recluses, and other various vermin call this place home. Should players venture into the high-level area, they shall meet Goradian, a scientist gone mad, mumbling and performing tests on those who stumble upon him…

This dungeon is composed of three small instances that make up the Aldorf Sewers.

Wing 1 is composed of entirely Skaven mobs culminating in the boss fight with Kokrit Man-Eater.

Wing 2 is a mix of Skaven and zombie mobs with two boss fights: Bulbous One, and Prot Chitterfang.

Wing 3 is half skaven and half corrupted humans with two boss fights: Master Moulder Vitchek and Goradian the Creator.

Bulbous One

Plague Aura

This Aura has a large radius, all players will take damage every 3 seconds while engaged in combat with the Bulbous One.

Plague Weakness

The Bulbous One will place a debuff on the tank every 4 seconds. This debuff increases the damage that the Aura does.


Standard cone melee strike

Phases Mechanics

Stage 1

When attacked the Bulbous One will start his aura. All players in the group will be affected by this aura and start taking damage. The tank will begin to get hit with the debuff . The damage the tank takes will increase constantly until it is too much for the healers to handle. The two tanks must take turns tanking the boss so that the debuffs don’t get to high and fade off the other tank.

Goradian the Creator

Phases Mechanics

Stage 1

Goradian will use his abilities:

  • Way of Goradian Randomly casted damage over time.
  • Vision of Goradian Randomly casted AoE nuke.

Stage 2

At 80% health Goradian will run to a nearby table and spawn 6 Goradian’s Nurgling. These will start small and then scale up and attack the players.

Stage 3

At 60% health Goradian will run to a nearby table and spawn 6 Goradian’s Spider. These will start small and then scale up and attack the players.

Stage 4

At 40% health Goradian will run to a nearby table and spawn 6 Goradian’s Maggot. These will start small and then scale up and attack the players.

Stage 5

At 20% health Goradian will run to a nearby table and nothing will happen. He will be angry.

Kokrit Man-Eater

Stage Mechanics

Stage 1

This is a fairly simple fight. Kokrit will use all of his abilities:

  • Lumbering Blow: Cone melee strike, Kokrit should be faced away from the group to avoid damage.
  • Ogre Spit: Kokrit randomly targets 1 person in the group and spits on them. This gives that player a long duration dot that should be dispelled.
  • Ground Pound: Kokrit will occasionally stop attacking and begin slamming the ground with his fi sts. This does AOE damage. It is possible to run out of the damage.

Players will need to make sure that they purge the spit quickly so that it doesn’t get on multiple people and outpace the healers. Ranged can stand at max range to avoid the pounds.

Master Moulder Vitchek

Ogre’s Feel Better: Heals the Rat Ogre’s
Vitchek’s Order: Randomly places a marker on a player and that player is then attacked by Ogre’s
Vitchek’s Obedience: Increases the damage of Ogre’s within range

Stage Mechanics

Vitchek’s Brute’s: These are rat Ogre’s and use the Ground pound ability, an AOE pulsing damage that can be out ranged.
Master Moulder Vitchek: He will constantly heal the Ogre’s and command them to attack specific targets. He must be kept away as much as possible from the ogre’s to keep them from being
healed and from getting the damage buff. However, as the Ogre’s will randomly attack players this will be challenging.

Prot Fangchitter

Cloud of Deadly Poison: This is a damage font. It has a short cooldown and a long duration. A cloud of poison is placed where the person being attacked is standing. Anyone standing in
the cloud will take damage.
Broad Sweep: Standard Melee Cone attack

Stage  Mechanics

Prot Fangchitter: Prot Fangchitter will have the Font and the Cone Melee. He will need to be tanked.
Vermer Fangchitter: Prot’s Minion will only have the font, he will do much less damage than Prot. He will switch agro every time he uses the Deadly Poison font.

Stage 1

This fight will be entirely movement based and controlling the minion. Prot and his Minion will both be laying down a lot of fonts. The tank will have to move him around a lot to avoid taking a lot of damage. The minion will be switching agro and dropping fonts on the rest of the group, so the rest of the group will need to move around.


Return of Reckoning is constantly updated and to maintain its originality as well as to provide new challenges to the player. If some of the above information is changed please let us know to adjust it. We try and keep it as updated as possible!

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