“Zealots are among the most devout of the followers of the gods of Chaos, and as such it is they who are called upon to convey the will of the powers to their minions. I They are not the subtle cultist, but the zealous preachers, and they offer open obedience to their dark masters.”

Class Statistics

Difficulty 50%
Versatility 65%
Mobility 85%

Class Information

Archetype: Healer

Special Mechanic: Dark Rituals


Class Details: A ranged support career specializing in Dark Rituals, Zealots mark their allies using the dark arts. Theses Marks bolster their allies and give them access to additional powers granted by the God of Chaos. In addition, Zealots can use rituals to warp the magical energies around them to sap the strength from their opponents. 

As a Zealot, your task is a complex one. You must prepare your allies for battle, and see that their Marks are set or re-set according to their shifting needs. You must also think offensively, for it is through your use of Harbingers which you are able to both effectively support and magnify the power of your allies, and crush the strength of your enemy. As a spell caster, you must be cautious, but because of your interlinked abilities, you must not be too conservative. If you hold back too much, or try to focus on only one aspect of your powers, all your abilities will be less than they could be.

Career Masteries

The Zealot is a fanatical orator, intent on spreading the glory of the Raven God throughout the land and serving the will of the Great Changer. Draped with ritual vestments and tools of sacrifice, the Zealot can imbue various talismans and potions with the primordial power of Chaos. These items become potent magical conduits through which he can mend wounds, enhance his allies, and plague his enemies with unholy scourges.

Zealots are some of the few mortals who can call forth a Mark of Tzeentch upon living flesh, branding their allies as sanctified soldiers of the Changer of Ways. These marks will not only bolster their holders powers far beyond normal human limitations, but also serve as direct conduits to the powers of Tzeentch himself, allowing their bearers to gain entirely new abilities. A Zealot can also desecrate a patch of land with Dark Rituals & Rites, marking that spot as claimed by Tzeentch and crippling any nonbelievers who dare to tread upon it.

zealot 2

Path of Alchemy

The Path of Alchemy is the Zealots primary healing mastery. A specialist in Alchemy will become a mighty healer, capable of mending the most grievous wounds and ensuring that Tzeentchs armies live to see their enemies fall before them. While a player who selects this mastery may not necessarily gain the most powerful offensive capabilities, they will have absolutely no problems finding allies to protect them and do their bidding.

Path of Ritual

The Path of Rituals is focused on warping the entire balance of power across a battlefield, skewing the fight to bring about the inevitable triumph of Tzeentchs followers. They are just as proficient at enhancing their allies as they are at stunting their enemies – and, in fact, can do both at the same time.

Path of Witchcraft

The Path of Witchcraft is for a Zealot who chooses to make himself into a talon of Tzeentch, reaching out to slaughter his enemies through magical attacks. These manifest themselves as deadly portents of chaos. Flocks of shrieking ravens may fall upon a Zealots foe to consume their flesh, or strange demonic manifestations may appear out of thin air to lash at his foes.

Important Stats


As a Zealot you will need the following statistics which you can improve using armor sets, weapons, rings, talismans and renown points



Healing Critical: Increase your chance to do Critical heals.

Wounds: Increases your overall HP. You can never have enough HP.

Will Power:  Increases your healing Power and increases the chance to disrupt enemy spells.

Armour: Reduces the physical damage you receive from physical damage.

Wounds: Increases your overall HP. You can never have enough HP.

Acquiring Gear

There are many ways to get gear:

  1. Open RvR:  The gear and weapons you get here are for your main spec.
  2. During RvR: when you kill or lock a zone you will be given medallions according to your level which you can trade for armor and weapons. At the end of a zone if you roll high enough you will be give a color bag with may contain certain tokens that you can trade and get a jewel set. Engineers don’t have defensive jewels set like other classes. 
  3. Scenarios: The gear and weapons you get here are some of the best weapons in game. You gain emblems at the end of every scenario and then you trade the emblems in the vendors in altdorf or inevitable city for your gear and weapons.
  4. Tome Unlocks: The tome is the book on your menu bar. In there you can do some like achievements i.e kill 100 orcs and get an unlock or get 3 items from a creature and then you trade that for a token in the library in altdorf or inevitable city and then that token in a jewel. There are some nice sets to see. Have a look in the useful links section.
  5.  Tier 4 epic quests: There is one epic quest story line in every area, and once you complete them you are given a choice of 1 item.
  6.  Dungeons & Lairs: Some Dungeons and Lairs can provide some good gear, weapons and jewels as you level up and or for end game. Changes in locations and ways to get end tier gear are happening constantly. Try and keep and eye on game forums.

Changes in ROR

  • Changer’s Touch is on a 10s uptime (up from 5s)
  • Storm of Ravens now carries a snare component.
  • Mirror of Madness now causes damage to the recipient on direct heal received instead of heal cast; damage occurs once per second max, and ability can be cast on the move.
  • Transference tactic gives a +10% Disrupt Strikethrough.
  • Resurrection Illness now applies a 25% stat debuff, down from 50%, still excluding wounds.

Changes in ROR are happening constantly and its hard to keep up with them all. Stay updated by following the news and patch notes: 



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