“Fast, cunning and deadly, they dispense merciless judgment upon any who serve Chaos. While the people of the Empire agree that the Witch Hunters work is critically important, rare is the citizen who does not feel pangs of dread when they lay eyes upon one, for it is understood that most Witch Hunters would sooner burn an entire village to the ground than see a single follower of Chaos go free.”

Class Statistics

Difficulty 80%
Versatiltiy 65%
Mobility 95%

Class Information

Archetype: Melee DPS

Special Mechanic: Infiltration & Accusation

Class Details: An offensive melee career that relies on ambushing and lighting fast assaults. Witch Hunters rely on careful movement and infiltration to allow them to close the distance with their targets. Once in melee range they build up Accusation against their foes, which allows them to unleash powerful execution attacks. 

Whether you are positioning yourself for a devastating strike against an unwary enemy or going toe-to-toe in the thick of the fight, there are few places on the battlefield where a Witch Hunter does not belong. In the face of your tireless assaults and interrogation, your enemies quickly wither and fall – be it by blade, bullet or torch. While your pistol can be a powerful and devastating weapon under the right circumstances, it is slow and awkward to reload in close-quarters. As such, you will make frequent use of the deadly speed and effectiveness of rapiers, knives, stakes, torches and daggers. You will also find it useful to anoint your weapons before a fight to dispatch your unholy enemies with even greater efficiency.

Career Masteries

The Empire is not just under overt assault from the forces of Chaos, but is also fighting a constant war against the creeping incursions of darkness and heresy within its own borders, and no one is more aware of this than the Witch Hunter. Tasked with digging out the taint of corruption from within the healthy flesh of the Empire, the Witch Hunter is a grim figure, looked upon with equal measures of awe and dread, for they have the authority of an investigator, a judge, and an executioner. By blade, pistol, and torch, they are determined to cleanse the Empire of evil.

The Witch Hunters are deadly fighters who seek out and destroy anything tainted by the touch of Chaos. They lay down Accusations at swordpoint until theyre satisfied of their enemys guilt, and then unleash an Execution with the booming voice of their pistol. Their combat abilities are bolstered by a variety of sacred artifacts, such as blessed bullets which add additional effects to their Executions, and potent Holy Relics which can briefly imbue them with great power.


Path of Confession

The Path of Confession is direct and uncompromising, and focused primarily on direct and immediate opposition to heresy. A specialist in Confession will eschew subtlety and lengthy investigations in favor of simply approaching their enemy and beating the truth out of them. While not necessarily the most powerful approach, it is effective in its straightforward brutality, and provides a small measure of increased protection when the Witch Hunter finds themselves under direct attack.

Path of Inquisition

The Path of Inquisition is focused on longer and detailed investigations, weakening and progressively working over an enemy until the victims guilt is all but assured. A player with heavy Inquisition Mastery may appear less powerful at first glance, but the devastating effects of their attacks are felt more and more as the fight progresses.

Path of Judgment

The Path of Judgment is taken by Witch Hunters who are assured that their targets are guilty and no questioning is needed. They tend to take their suspects by surprise, and are at their best when the enemys attention is elsewhere. A Master of Judgment will seek to avoid face-to-face confrontations, and will be at their most powerful when they have allies nearby that can distract their enemies, allowing the Witch Hunter to lay down very potent attacks.

Important Stats


As an Witch Hunter you will need the following statistics which you can improve using armor sets, weapons, rings, talismans and renown points. 


Strength Skill: Increases your melee damage and  reduces your opponent’s chance to block or parry.

Weapons Skill: Increases your armor penetration and parry. 

Critical Chance: Increases your chance to deal critical damage ( not the amount). 

Wounds: Increases your overall HP. You can never have enough HP.

Acquiring Gear

There are many ways to get gear:

  1. Open RvR:  The gear and weapons you get here are for your main spec.
  2. During RvR: when you kill or lock a zone you will be given medallions according to your level which you can trade for armor and weapons. At the end of a zone if you roll high enough you will be give a color bag with may contain certain tokens that you can trade and get a jewel set. Engineers don’t have defensive jewels set like other classes. 
  3. Scenarios: The gear and weapons you get here are some of the best weapons in game. You gain emblems at the end of every scenario and then you trade the emblems in the vendors in altdorf or inevitable city for your gear and weapons.
  4. Tome Unlocks: The tome is the book on your menu bar. In there you can do some like achievements i.e kill 100 orcs and get an unlock or get 3 items from a creature and then you trade that for a token in the library in altdorf or inevitable city and then that token in a jewel. There are some nice sets to see. Have a look in the useful links section.
  5.  Tier 4 epic quests: There is one epic quest story line in every area, and once you complete them you are given a choice of 1 item.
  6.  Dungeons & Lairs: Some Dungeons and Lairs can provide some good gear, weapons and jewels as you level up and or for end game. Changes in locations and ways to get end tier gear are happening constantly. Try and keep and eye on game forums.


Changes in ROR

  • Incognito is now 35s cooldown (up from 30s) and has its cooldown reduced by 1s for every enemy within 100ft when effect is broken, with a minimum of 5s cooldown.
  • Hastened Expurgation is a new, core stealth ability, which grants a 50% speed bonus and shares a cooldown with Incognito. Its cast time is reduced by 1 second, but its duration is reduced to 3 seconds.
  • Razor Strike no longer requires a target and will now strike up to 3 enemies in front of you, up to 15 feet away. It will not build Accusations unless you hit at least one target.
  • Sweeping Razor now increases Razor Strike range to 30ft and removes target limit.
  • Trial by Pain damage output improved by 50%, now strikes all enemies within 20ft of its target, and has an 8s cooldown.
  • Fervor is no longer cleansable and its damage over time component has been doubled.
  • Burn, Heretic! is no longer cleansable.
  • Close Combat is a new archetype tactic for all melee DPS classes. This tactic provides a 25% damage reduction against ranged and magical damage for 2s after using a direct damage, single target, melee ability on an enemy. This reduction does not stack with localized damage reductions such as Detaunt or Guard.
  • Dragon Gun now knocks down the primary target for 3s and reduces the Morale of all targets hit by 50 per Accusation spent.
  • Sudden Accusation, Burn Armor, and Fanatical Zeal are now undefendable.
  • Sever Blessing is now undefendable.
  • Increased heal effect on Sanctified Bullets tactic to 150%, up from 100%.

Changes in ROR are happening constantly and its hard to keep up with them all. Stay updated by following the news and patch notes: 



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