For this build you will need to be level 40 Renown rank 80 to fully utilise the build.


For this build I mixed gear sets. I use 2 pieces bloodlord, Helmet and Boots , 2 pieces of invader, shoulders and jewl and 3 pieces of vanquisher, chest gloves and belt. For jewls I use genesis fragment of warrior with parry chance, genesis fragment of everlasting with block chance, sentinel jewl with 6% block talisman and invader jewl.


Here you can see the skills I use and what you can play around with, you will need skills from path of Vaul and path of Hoeth.For the rr70 build it would be like this:

  • Crushing Advance
  • Redirected Force
  • Protection of Hoeth
  • Crashing Wave
  • Whispering Winds


As a defensive build with sword and shield I plan to get the tankiest I can get so I can survive more and lead the charge. With this setup I plan to be at 0% crit to be hit and have as much block/parry/dodge/disrupt and some utility with chance to get movement speed renown skill to be able to move around the battlefield at ease.

  • 4 points on Defender
  • 4 points on Reflexes
  • 1 point on Futile Strikes
  • 4 points on Deft Defender
  • 1 point on Quick Escape
  • 2 points on Vigor
  • 1 point on Fortitude


For the rr70 build

  • Rugged for the toughness
    Impeccable Reactions for double parry
    Vaul s Buffer for shield on proc
    Perfect Defenses for block and parry


  • Wings Of Heaven for utility or Champion’s Challenge for root
  • Distracting Bellow for dmg reduction
  • Bladeshield for absorb
  • Immaculate Defense


Positives of the build

  • Extremely tanky.
  • Utility with movement speed buff and Wings Of Heaven morale.
  • Can interrupt, silence, punt and stun enemies controlling the fight.
  • Use of shield allows to block all damage in front and use skill Hold The Line to protect your allies.
  • You can lead the charge and be in the front of the fight.
  • You can somewhat heal your allies and keep them alive.

Negatives of the build

  • You basically dont deal significant damage and cant kill someone alone.
  • Cant really solo since you need at least a dps buddy to kill your opponents for you.


  • Protection of Hoeth
  • Crushing Advance
  • Whispering Wind
  • Ensorcelled Blow or Gryphon s Talon which is unblockable.
  • Eagle s Flight
  • Crashing Wave
  • Redirected Force when it procs to punt away 1 target.
  • Gusting Wind when you want to punt many targets.


Swordmaster uses 3 weapon auras, one that steals stats from enemies and buffs your group, one that increases the armor or resistances of you and the group and one that increases the wounds and heals you for the amount increased for you and your group. Usually people tend to use Nature s blade (stat steal) or Heaven s blade (armor and resist increase). Although Heaven s blade doesnt stack with armor pots and other resist buffs so it makes it a 2nd choice.

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